Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D

Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D

Today it is finally, finally, Space Pirate Captain Harlock returns after thirty years back abstinence! This includes CGI facelift and instead of hand drawings Space Pirate Captain Harlock on waiting with 3D effects and motion capture technology. Add a new look to the character and her universe – that have already occurred shortly after the end of World War II – also a younger and fresh audience made accessible. As a result, the audience two hours full of laser beams and exploding spaceships are presented and I'm filthy curious, like 30 My. come off US-dollar film. I hope so, that this is a successful revival of the figure…

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Space Pirate Captain Harlock – New trailer for the CGI film

In the February this year we were you the first teaser „The fantastic adventures of the Space Pirates Captain Harlock„, knows Space Pirate Captain Harlock this country is called, zeigen und nun scheint der Veröffentlichung nichts mehr im Wege zu stehen, the here is the TRAILER Go to film. Finally gets this fall, times just 35 Years after first publication, this cult figure donated a fancy CGI movie. Who now „Space Pirate“ reads and still asks, what is that, this is not helping. Captain Harlocks spaceship adorned with a iconic skull on the bow and the ship has a classic ship's. Classics and ancient cliché de Luxe. The trailer looks very Japanese, was in diesem Falle ein Pluspunkt ist und auf eine westliche Lokalisierung können wir hoffen, because a London studio has secured this obviously…


Space Pirate Captain Harlock – Teaser

Almost 3 Years ago we had the Captain Harlock Sekikem Trailer already in the vault, Now, the film is, which is directed by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed) arises, But (Finally) will be published this autumn! At least Toei Animation working hard on the computer animated version of Space Pirate Captain Harlock, auch als Captain Albator known, the eponymous manga classic by Leiji Matsumoto from the years 1977-79. With a budget of over 30 Million dollars, The film is Toei Animation so far most expensive film project and the script has Harutoshi Fukui („Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn“ Novels) written.

Captain Harlock is an outcast and is fighting against the government of the earth and an unjust system, that divides people into classes. While most people to drive less, lazy beings degenerate, consists Harlock for individuality and self-determination, and is therefore being chased by the government. perpetrated as attacks on government officials, Harlock is accused…

As the Sekikem Trailer, in which much more, but was seen in poor quality, sees the present TRAILER really good. The grim look was retained and the characters are held detailed and realistic, without the original Comic-Remove Look. This fuels high expectations, disappoint us not Toei! After the West indeed mainly used 3D animation for cuddly animal CGI adventure, We can really only save Japan, when it comes to more grown, dark matter is.

Movie "Captain Harlock" (tentative title) 2013 published decision English and dispatch

Kei Yuki und Count Mecha Cosplay

Kei Yuki (known of Captain Harlock aka Captain Albator) and Count Mecha (Galaxy Express 999) cosplayed by Kailee and Rob. Following comparing the two originals:

DBD: Nameless Lonely Blues – Tia – Captain Harlock

„Freedom is the dignity of men.
the proof that he is thinking, judging,
that he’s not the digestive system
that modern time has made of
him. May the modern time be the
beginning of the awakening of the
sleeping souls.“
– Captain Harlock

Today, for a change, something Music from an anime, Captain Harlock or in French-speaking areas as Captain Albator known. on „The Endless Odyssey“ Tia sings at the end of a sequence in each case these Blues. You can also you this download here.

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Have you heard ‚bout the man?
A lonely wanderer
He left his home Alone
Ran away from Mother Earth

People said he was a fool
Would never make it through
He headed to a new world
Believed in bright future

* It’s the nameless lonely blues
And I am here to sing for him
It’s the nameless lonely blues
He will survive in universe

So it’s a story of man
A lonely wanderer
Nobody knows where he’s now
Or where he’s destined to go

I know that he will someday
Oh, someday make it through
There’ll be a wonderful world
So strive strong and free

* repeat

‚Cause it’s a ruined planet
Love nobody don’t miss anything
Where’s your Arcadia?
There’s nothing to lose
Don’t look back just go your way

* repeat * 2

Albator, The Film – Captain Harlock, The Movie (Sekikem Trailer)

Woooooooah!!! I live as I want in the seas with no tomorrow. Under my question. I am a free man! Just recently, I have the Fan Project – which has so notabene already looked excellent – hier in der Gruft vorgestellt und nun soll es doch tatsächlich demnächst, on the year 2012/2013, one Albator/Captain Harlock CGI movie, natürlich in 3D, give. This Captain Harlock Sekikem TRAILER dazu sieht doch schon mal grossartig aus und lässt einiges erwarten

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DBD: Captain Harlock – Mayu’s Ocarina Theme

Today, there is something else in the vault and so, the old Thrasher makes a wimp on. All the same. Were you raped in teenage years to play recorders? This flute is here something else and that is why I need the song from the cult animated series Captain Harlock aka Albator just stick here in the crypt. This is quite melancholic sounding song on a Ocarina played and if you look for those parts, to your immediate neighborhood to delight with beautiful melodies, is at Songbird Ocarina find…

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Captain Harlock Soundtrack

As the reader will know the Crypt, hab ich schon seit frühen Kindstagen einen little enthusiasm für Captain Harlock, also known as Albator developed and obviously I'm not the only one, like this great unconverted fanfilm shows.

Specifically, I also found that each contained in the series Music, For example, although the französische Theme Today seems a little outdated, had the soundtrack in the series just what. At Einachi I have now found the Captain Harlock Eternal Edition. An absolute gem, usually found nowhere else and that's why Love I internetwork :)

Captain Harlock Soundtrack

Fan Film: Albator oder Captain Harlock

This fan film by Miguel Mesas is made absolutely brilliant and an absolute tribute to the animated series Albator. Why do not the big studios on the idea, to film this masterpiece?

Captain Harlock Fan Film -English subtitles-

Captain Albator Themes

Anyone who has visited my blog already, weiss, dass ich eine leichte Kindheitsverehrung für die Anime Serie Captain Albator, Captain Harlock oder Captain Herlock hege. Nachfolgend die Titelmelodie wie ich sie aus dem französischen Fernsehen kannte:

Albator 78

Funnily enough, I'm still the Opening Series, which is, in my view never run in German beeen at stations, von Nicole *hüstel* „A little peace…“ *würg* gesungen, aber mit einem sehr schönen Text, especially the end to fit „German“, when it times with the above, französischen Version vergleicht :)

Seen und Flüsse, gibt’s nicht mehr
And no shade tree
Not Much Animals, this world is empty
Als wär’s ein böser Traum
Dort wo früher noch Wasser im Boden war
is today‘ only dust and stone
And men are no longer men
Because you only knew Fear and pain

Captain Harlock
Savior from space
Captain Harlock
Help us once again
Captain Harlock
That's our man
Captain Harlock
Führ uns alle an

Captain Harlock Opening Deutsch

Und nach der Vollständigkeit halber, Ending in the German :=)

And from afar threatens even more danger
Von den ander’n Sternen im All
Who can even think, which is already clear
Bald gibt’s den ganz großen Knall
Unerklärlich ist vielen, What's on
Nur einer weiß da Bescheid
Und er setzt sich ein für ein großes Ziel
Und ist für alle zum Kämpfen bereit

Captain Harlock
Savior from space
Captain Harlock
Help us once again
Captain Harlock
That's our man
Captain Harlock
Führ uns alle an

Captain Harlock Ending Deutsch

Captain Harlock aka Albator

Well, long has it been, than there were in France or the Channel A2, I ca. 1978 spellbound every sequence of Albator (The French had to once again use their own names Creation) followed. More, what I loved this cartoon.

By chance I have now to some consequences Stage6, the Video-Portal Divx to really good, appealing quality, found. The films can be made by Streaming comfortable or as Download be brought to the PC.

The series begins 1978 so, Harlock that takes the young Harry with his spaceship Arcadia. After the earth was destroyed, errs captain in space around, in search of a new, beautiful planet, on the peace at last be found. On this long journey, Harlock has to exist with some of his crew adventure.

At first glance, the series might look a bit dated, But the charm of Captain Harlock is hard to avoid someone and also the rest of the crew grows on. Some consequences are very sad and melancholic. The characters of this anime may not be for everyone, as some supporting roles but look simple upper stupid. Nevertheless, there are at figures like Harlock, Emeraldas and Lydia nothing wrong.

Captain Harlock is in my view an interesting and beautiful series, mit viel Action, Humor and feeling. hey, that was a hero of my childhood, the same in today's TV searches and when I watch these episodes at Stage6, I come to revel… :-)