Brand New Sin – New single


Since I tape the Brand New Sin I know, I heard the wheels „Tequila“ and „Recipe For Disaster“ but already thousands of times with the very greatest joy and without, that I would be just a sound become boring. But what about in a moving belt shall pass, first rose of singer Joe Altier 2008 and unfortunately could successor Joe Sweet never close my view, the resulting gap so right and the songs „Know Yourself“ and „Rusty Drain“ I never been able to snatch from the stool…

But now have a new album Brand New Sin, named „Distilled“ and recorded after the departure of singer Joe Sweet guitarist Kris Wiechmann took over the vocals. What can I say: The boys are back! The new song „The Death Of One Thing Or Another“ Incidentally, there are also on the MySpace Site and there is a limited time to the Download. Yeah! Straight up, no frills rock and roll!

There it is we gave it our best try
And if you’re so dumb you still don’t know why it’s down the toilet
This might come as a surprise but I sure do love to spoil it
We see you coming and we know that you must have pockets full of dirt and dust and
Ashes ashes we all fall down
Settle for something that will simply suffice and
Dry your tears for the love of your life is gone forever
Kiss it goodbye let’s all join hands and jump together
Towards a glorious meeting we ascend to
To turn our weary sorrowful bodies into
Ashes ashes we all fall down