Terminator vs BP (Feat. Barack Obama)

Friends of the Crypt, since you do not even think, the oil spill (sponsored by British Petroleum) must disappear? The world needs a hero! Rambo was the day before yesterday, Jack Bauer is the next „24“-busy season – so that to help only the Terminator can! Obama calls in the Terminator!

I know, Arnold, I know. But this is our last hope. You HAVE to go back to the past and prevent the Founder of British Petroleum from ever being born. His name was William Knox. This is a picture of his Mother.

(via Pundit Kitchen)

The new BP slogans

The friends of the environment at BP have at the moment not much problem to laugh and a very light image, but even that can add value to you again, as shown by the following proposals… :)

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