Album Review: Veritas Maximus – Faith and Will

After a successful withdrawal Kevin Russell is the „Voice from the gutter“ back. And how he's back! Like a phoenix from the ashes, he has come back from the darkest periods of his life, show with a clear mind and a will of iron in the world, to what he is capable. With his solo comeback of his band „Veritas Maximus“ is the end of May, the debut album „Faith and Will“ and Kevin is highly motivated, writes, records, designs his future and enjoys finally the real, drug-free life. We had an exclusive advance listen to the material and find out, how much Böhse Onkelz plugged into his new band.

Veritas Maximus - Faith and Will

All texts of the new songs on „Faith and Will“ come from the pen of Kevin Russell. They act like a distillation of his decades-long journey through all the ups and downs of life. But „Veritas Maximus“ are not one, but five. At the joint „An uncle has the honor“-Tour 2013 and in the scenes at the Frankfurt studio23 they have grown together into a solid unit and burn it, to hew their new sound from the speakers. Kevin Russell screams on this album, the lyrics from the soul, paired with the melodies and riffs by songwriter and guitarist Oliver Lohmann, completed by the passion and hard beats of guitarist Simon Djowf, Bassist and drummer Thomas Neitsch Gerd Lucking. „Veritas Maximus“ is the Savage Truth, straight and right in the face.

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Veritas Maximus - Kevin Russell - Bild Tilt (Official video)

Much has been said and even more has been written, much is true, other non-. Hatred and Lovealways the old game. Kevin Russell, Sänger der Böhsen Onkelz, is certainly not a blank slate. On the contrary, declared dead and depreciated, hated, deified and rose again from the depths of human tragedy, the shallows of being, to tell its very own story. Sincere and ehrlich. The Homo Novus with sharpened senses, exempt from the scourges of addiction. Of Debut Album-ist Reflexion, Billing and self-therapy. The foundation stone of a new life and essence of conversion and willpower. No less than a new chapter full of wealth of facets and independence.

Veritas Maximus

„Faith and Will“ is an album with strong Metal-Trains, mixed with dirty streets of rock, fail stylistically in the one direction or another but without. With „No power to Drugs“ an opener has been found, the thematically revolves just around the half life of the singer. Who would have expected at the outset a slightly thrashy board? Metallic riffing meets poisonous vocals, then takes over in the chorus of punk rock, the command. At „Know thyself“ Russell asks: „What did I do wrong? Why am I not happy?“ Massive Seventies rock, which is loose and flaky pierced in the ears. The pretty Onkelz-heavy „Home“ is from textually, is rhythmically lively and easy to drink in the chorus. This Kevin sings about what he sees as far too narrow concept of home. One of the catchier songs on the disc „Honesty“, a classic rock song without much embellishment, the mainly known for Russell throaty singing live. A piece of, which is about the joy of free speech, Russell enjoys today.

Veritas Maximus

„Supporters of evil“ is the hit of the album! Here, the band shows psychedelic facets and convinced melancholic with a, aggressive mood, in the Russell grapples with the atrocities of the Church. A song with great dynamics and imaginative twists. „Schicksalsfügel“ is a beautiful ballad in the Kevin melodic than ever before, and sings lyrically convinced. „Bild Tilt“ nimmt the Regenbogenpresse ins Sights, with „No End“ is musing over the expanse of the cosmos, after Russell's view of our present Knowledge can not be understood and with „Satansmedium“ attacked the singer the Internet and the long-term effects on the social behavior of its users. A Song, that has already been played live and is a great mix of Rock and Metal. Similarly rocked the Onkelz the early / mid nineties. At the end of the consistently successful album, the listener is with „The Devil's conduct“ carved a twelve-minute tape of history in two parts around the ears, the again dealing with the Church History and an absolutely worthy end of „Faith and Will“ represents.

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Veritas Maximus - Das kleine Satansmedium - Live in Neu-Isenburg 31.10.2013

Kevin tells Russell and processed together with his four fellow musicians in „Faith and Will“ sincerely and honestly its very own history. So and not otherwise expected to a musical self-therapy. A kind of dealing with the past and „Veritas Maximus“ shit with her debut on the Zeitgeist. A consistently successful debut, both musically, lyrically and sonically. Who expects a sterile studio productions, will certainly be disappointed, what counts is the lasting impression more than the single hook. Supporters of Mitt nineties Onkelz, which it was to experimentally at the end, also be operated as rock fans on the disk, Kevin Russell encounter with open ears and wait for new approaches. Kevin Russell reflects the tone, toxic, bilious and so directly you got the former Böhse Onkelz frontman rarely ears. The album will resonate and does it. A middle finger to the expectations of all of us.

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Veritas Maximus


  1. No power in the drug
  2. Know Thyself
  3. Come See Veritas
  4. Home
  5. Honesty
  6. Advocate Des evil
  7. Fate wings
  8. Bild Tilt
  9. No End
  10. Satansmedium
  11. Noah's heirs
  12. The Devil's conduct
Album Review: Veritas Maximus - Faith and Will
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