How children should be excited for the RFID chip

You have the clientele of tomorrow best pregrooves already accordingly today, that McDonald's has recognized and implemented early. Fun Cyborgs the new trend should be, because it is cool and fun makes – and by the way the wallet of Mr. Rothschild filled. And something running on KIKA…


For NDG YES: Switzerland as a prison

Reacting to today's adoption of the Intelligence Agencies Act I just have to make Friedrich Dürrenmatt in here. „Every prisoner proves his freedom, by being simultaneously guards.“ Here the legendary speech for the Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize to Vaclav Havel on 22.11.1990 and the words Dürrenmatt are current than ever…

Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Switzerland as a prison

Petition against the revised surveillance law BÜPF

The opponents of the revised Law on Inspection BÜPF have started to collect signatures for the referendum. On Tuesday they presented their arguments. No say the opponents to the associated violations of fundamental- and liberties, but especially, not only are the methods described in BÜPF, as the smuggling of State Trojan opponents an eyesore.


In the spring session, Parliament had the revised law to monitor the post- and Telecommunications (BÜPF) approved. This should be adjusted in criminal proceedings to the technological development monitoring suspect. New law enforcement agencies should as Trojans Computer infiltrate, to be able to listen to it to monitor and, for example, Skype calls. Say the state may, provided that the revised BÜPF is waved through, apply methods of hackers and crackers and so the reason- restrict rights and freedoms of Swiss citizenship. How much these days is absolutely disproportionate, as not only do we find.

An action alliance, the young parties of the right and links belong turns against it: the Boy SVP, the Young Liberals, the young Green Liberals and the JUSO. Add to this the Greens, the Pirate Party, Organizations such as the Association of Fundamental Rights, the digital society Switzerland or the operation Libero and the IT industry. Specifically criticize opponents, that law enforcement agencies should install to prosecute crimes in future monitoring software on computers or smartphones – not only in cases of murder or terrorism, but even at relatively small offenses such as theft. From the perspective of opponents is not only disproportionate, but also dangerous: To install security vulnerabilities need to be exploited. This creates a legal black market for vulnerabilities, can take even criminals.

Petition against the revised surveillance law BÜPF

Problematic the State Trojans are but according to the opponents and therefore, because the system not only monitors, but also affect or are subject to change at all. So evidence could be manipulated, the state can not guarantee, that does not happen. In addition, State Trojans are unnecessary, argues the Coalition. Also in another way it was in fact possible, intercept encrypted communications. For example, Skype and other providers working on a court order out with the authorities. The authorities could groups Internet – about a child porn ring – infiltrieren, to access information. That the legal assistance takes much time and infiltration is complicated, does not speak from the perspective of BÜPF opponents against such methods: Maybe that was not bad, because the risk is small, that the authorities often monitor. Criticizes the Action Alliance in mind, that phone boundary data is stored, so that law enforcement agencies can access for future reference. Such data provide information on, who, when the phone with whom how long. Here though everything remains the same: The data would – differently than originally planned – kept longer with the revised law than today. In the eyes of the enemy, the retention should be however generally abolished. At the very least, the data should have to be stored in Switzerland.

Opponents now have until 7. May time, 50’000 collect signatures, what will hopefully succeed. Who wants to actively help, to get the signatures together, takes on Stop BÜPF all it takes to, Signature bow, Passers-by stop and brochures. good luck!

Surveillance Camera Man – Surveillance Camera Man

any people Surveillance Camera One follows with his camera indiscriminately, filming them in part directly in the face and does not itself of closed classrooms halt. The filmed then stir – of course deal – about it on, they „on cam“ are.
This action leaves an actually think about, how often we actually show up on any video recordings, without noticing it. And by the way, of course, the reactions of the people, mainly between „Fuck you!“ and „I call the police“ commute, very interesting.

Surveillance Camera Man 1-8

France 2015

For the security of freedom were, Equality and fraternity (Freedom, Equality, Fraternity) initially painted times, need eh no one now… or?

France 2015
(via Political advisor)

Heads: Security Camera, which looks like an owl

Surveillance cameras have usually not with their special of. Ulo is different! Ulo looks like an owl and interacts with the environment to boot. Her eyes follow a moving and when the camera takes a picture, winking owl. Walks slowly the battery is running low, Then the owl fall slowly closes her eyes.

Head software preview

Ulo can be both placed on a surface as glued to the wall. Inside there are among other things a camera, a motion sensor and a wireless-Module. The latter ensures, that you immediately, if the owl finds an inconsistency, receive an e-mail with video recording. the Kickstarter Campaign, the inventor Ulos Vivien Muller has launched, currently stands at about 555’000 Euro - slightly more than the targeted 199’000 Euro. Nor can this campaign for Ulo 149 Euro to buy…


Democracy: The Big Data – TRAILER

Personal data are already become for many states and corporations become an important resource, on the consumer and citizen has little control. An EU data protection law is designed to protect in the future this information better and restrict the collecting mania. Around two and a half years of the director David Bernet has followed accompany the emergence of this Act, its amazing results are soon in the documentation „Democracy – The Big Data“ to see. The documentary follows inter alia, the EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and the Greens MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht in their efforts, implement a European data protection law applicable in Brussels, while against lobbyists, Enforce corporate lawyers and activists. The film starts on 12. November in den Kinos…

DEMOCRACY IN THE NOISE OF DATA Trailer German German (2015)

PST, Edward Snowden twittert

Since today Incidentally twitters Edward Snowden. As is known, whose followers are monitored. In this case, which is expected by tomorrow also be early so. So if you finally want to tap a bit NSA attention, doing it to me and other current 617K same and follows the Public Enemy Number. 1!

Edward Snowden zu "Ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen"

NSA Song: We are watched while masturbating

If it gets a British school out already, by means of cameras to monitor their students at home in the school laptops, it's for the best country in the world probably no problem: Did I also did not expect anything else… I think even, which are so ausgefuchst, that they film you wanking, Though you have not even a webcam…


Drone Crashes Compilation

Has something strange crash satisfying many drones to see…

Extreme Drone Crashes - Compilation 2015
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