Album Review: Betzefer – The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land

Hell yeah! The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land! How true! For me, coming from the absolute nothingness an absolutely ingenious plate! I'm certainly not the only, who has never heard of this band, and then the! A masterpiece beyond current trends and strange as it may sound, the, still just good, alter Heavy Metal. The Israeli metallers „Betzefer“ are with a new record at the start and it's too rough, without ever losing the irresistible groove. Already the eponymous song and title of the panel speaks a clear language. All 14 Songs never lose in a pure metal banging, they can remain hittige numbers, However atone at no time a the necessary hardness. As soon as you get used to it, that traditional Metal always has to do with sword-Gefuchtel and strangely high-pitched voices, there are four guys from Israel around the corner and show, that there are definitely worth preserving traditions. Namely: Verdammt heavy Riffs, damn heavy grooves and damn horny song! In short, the kind Music, as „PANTERA“ The mid-nineties have celebrated or as „Betzefer“ bring themselves to the point: „Fuckin Rock’n’Roll!“

Betzefer - The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land

And with Rock'n'Roll Betzefer's music actually plenty to do. Der latente Heavy-Blues-influence, the was formative and unique even at Texans, is back at the Israelis come to fruition. Here is less beaten or threshed and certainly not cut, it is gerifft! And a brilliant riff hunts the other, it is to hear such a chord-heavy plate a delight. Of course, also be of „Betzefer“ only mixed and prepared the old ingredients new, really new will not take place, but that does not bother anyone, On the contrary! The influence of the Texas Trend killer is the whole plate noticeably over, sometimes supplemented by something „Machine Head“ or „Grave“. But the boys have not copied some cheap, no, they have developed their own style and convince with energy and enthusiasm, which make this record ultimately become an independent small masterpiece. Incidentally are the musical and song writing abilities of this young band with the standard, taking the most newcomer and now the one or the other of these bands Refenrenz. Massive hardness, without forgetting the groove, Melody, without being cheesy, Emotion and heart and soul. All presented with viiiiel Power. And as if that were not enough, one has with Avital Tamir a vocalist, of the good, old Phil Anselmo snatches the whiskey and drink it myself, for who so much power, combines aggression and melodiousness still in his voice, need fear no comparisons.


For Avital Tamir, the third album of his band is much more than just another release. For the singer „The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land“ To date, the most mature and most coherent slice of his musical career. „There are real songs for the first time“, he says, „they could even play smoothly, if you only have a guitar available.“ Tamir and his group members Matan Cohen (Guitar), Rotem Inbar (bass) Roey und Bermann (Drums) look back on the shortest and most fertile creative period of her career, to „The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land“ was in the dry: „We do not even needed a year by the first idea to the final product, for each of the pieces we needed just one or two sessions. This is a self-confident, adult and thoroughly enjoyable album, of which we are very proud.“ And this rightly, because the four-member band has evolved indeed amazing. From racy debut album „Down Low“ (2005) with its freshness over the noticeably bolder successor „Freedom To The Slave Makers“ up to the new, third disk are „Betzefer“ matured into a homogeneous and consistent metal band, the closer to the public brings their own way of life. „For us Heavy Metal is not some aloof art form, but something, the fundamental part of life as Eating, drink, sleep, breathe. I can still clearly remember, which great importance had this music for me as a teenager and how they helped me with the typical problems of an adolescent.“ that „Betzefer“ have calculated signature for the third time in her career a contract with a German record company, is for Tamir the special relationship between the two countries a great pleasure: „Given the painful history, the Germany and Israel have each other, I feel this is a wonderful development. I am always happy, that we maintain a very close relationship with Germany and its metal fans. Welch great signal for the whole world!“

Betzefer - "The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land" (Official Video)

Meanwhile established itself „Betzefer“ as Israel's largest and most successful metal band. The band toured for many months, in Europe among other variables such as „Soulfly“ and „Lamb Of God“. Your great success with the public they brought in a very short time on the main stages of the most important summer festivals. In March 2007 went „Betzefer“ with Sepultura on tour and opened after their return home in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans for a show „Megadeth“. After an extended precursors Betzefer went in spring 2008 into the studio and produced their second album „Freedom To The Slave Makers“. Subsequently, the band for the main stage of Ozzfest festival in Tel-Aviv was committed and went with bands like „GWAR“, „Cavalera Conspiracy“ and „Pro-Pain“ on tour, to for an appearance on the main stage at the With Full Force festival again to Germany Travel. Back in Israel published „Betzefer“ via YouTube a Jubiläumsshow, which was filmed and recorded in Tel-Aviv and title „10 Fuckin Years“ wearing. Im September 2012 the band went with her longtime friend and producer Tue Madsen back to the studio (The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Mnemic), put the finishing touches on „The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land“ make. So the signs are on storm, because with a brilliant new album and a cast, which has remained unchanged for a decade, to the circle of followers are again increased significantly. „We arrive in December for a few shows and be in spring 2014 six weeks plow across Europe. We look forward to many places, where we have never played before.“


In times in which the degree of creativity in fusing Stockholm and Brooklyn is measured, this band is exactly the piece integrity and honest hardness, which needs the scenes today. On her latest album „The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land“ rooms, the four guys a fat metal board at its best, that you have to feel like rats in Panteras rehearsal room mid-nineties. Fat, Groovy, with brilliant vocals and incredible intensity and devotion. The guys give everything, just want to make their music and shave his thanks to the rest of the world a little. „We feel like underdogs quite well. The fans Knowledge, what is going on and the media are a damn us.“ Meint Avital „Be yourself, live your life and let nothing! Have no Fear to be different, break out of the social patterns. The texts are, as well as the music, very angry and aggressive. I always try to tell the truth, so as I see it. It's about things, dealing or annoy me. It's about, to live life really. Fucking Rock'n'Roll is a kind of band hymn. A Statement. Because that's what, this is the, what we do: Fucking Rock’n’Roll!“ „Betzefer“ signed Steamhammer / SPV in the summer with the German label and „The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land“ at the 25. October 2013 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland publish, in the rest of Europe the album comes on 28. October in the Trade. A masterpiece beyond current trends. Kein Metalcore! No NuIrgendwas! But true to the band motto simply „Fucking Rock’n’Roll“! Nothing more, and not a whit less. The Great Israeli Trendkill!

Track List:

  1. Tropical
  2. The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land
  3. Killing the Fuss
  4. Cash
  5. Yuppie Six Feet Underground
  6. Copkiller
  7. Sledgehammer
  8. The Medic
  9. Milk
  10. Suicide Hotline Pt. 1
  11. Suicide Hotline Pt. 2
  12. Cannibal
  13. I hate‘
  14. Can you hear me now?
Album Review: Betzefer - The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land
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