Bern of night Zyt

Beautiful Hyperlapse Video Marco Rolli, the retained the old city of Bern with impressive night shots and the video from 3500 Single shots, which between December 2013 and March 2014 have arisen, has produced. Hyperlapse the way, stands for time-lapse, in which the camera continues to move after each trip and was just the camera movement in the following video. Extremely worth seeing!

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"Zu nachtschlafender Zyt" | Bern Hyperlapsed

Is that still punk rock? I do not think! – Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

„Is that still punk rock, when your favorite song is on the charts?“, ask The doctors in one of her latest songs and the answer is the same supplied with one: „I do not think!“ I am also of this opinion, but Die Toten Hosen yet been able to convince. Quite possible, that The doctors had in mind when densities of these lines to the fans of the band from Dusseldorf. And the question is entitled! As successful as the band from Dusseldorf is currently only in German-speaking Schlager-Count Unholy. Punk leaned immemorial times against the social consensus on, but this German beer rock bliss, which celebrate the Pants on the straps, is rather a kind of antithesis to punk. I have the pants in the years 1996 and 2002 enjoyed on the straps and maybe it's because, that the pants and I have grown old, as Campino sings again? „I am not yet sixty, and I'm not close.“ Well, because of close and, at Campino it takes another nine years… Luckily for me a lot more :)

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

„No future – that was yesterday, A lot has happened since the“, to quote again the song mentioned in the introduction and „which has as the coolness factor of a garden tractor“ fits like ass back on bucket. But we are only the second day of the 30. Gurtenfestival, that over 20’000 Visitors was sold out. Again, a small parallel to the Toten Hosen, which last year you 30 year there were celebrations. Back to the festival, opened the day Hoffmaestro from Sweden with a full load of Ska. Restrained indie presented at the tent stage the country men of Friska Viljor and similarly changeable as the weather, the concert program, which did not, whether it should choose between sweltering desert heat and light rain.

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Die Toten Hosen - Here comes Alex ( Gurtenfestival 2013 )

Those who wanted to escape the impending rain, twisted under the tent of the tent stage, where the Swiss Celtic Metal-Band Eluveitie significantly positively by the previous acts on the straps abhebte with their sound. Celtic sounds, Bagpipes and urhelvetische iconography attracted diehard metalheads, but the average visitor seemed to confuse rather. The latter therefore sat down but rather to the brave Lunik on the forest stage from. Sophie Hunger strikes, meanwhile bravely on the main stage and is clearly motivated. A clean Concert, but the spark just does not want to skip right to the audience. Partly audience sway to the big band rhythms with, hunger but they can not move more with the largest effort, because all waiting for Die Toten Hosen.

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

Then, finally, time as announced by 21:45 Clock, fly the pants the flag on the main stage. Frontman Campino can not burn and provides equal you start a huge show off. Already the second song he can be of his „Security“ contribute to the fans. The hungry crowd bawls thrilled hits like „Ballast of the Republic“, „Bonnie & Clyde“ and „Everything from Love“ with. There is a lively atmosphere and the lead singer Campino tells us of a world, which is mainly about football, Barley juice, Party and passive sport seems to be turning. Campino, which lately quite like something even more striking as a composer of togetherness hymns („On days like these“, „Arise, if you on the ground are“) excels, is a born entertainer.

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Paradise - Ambush & Die Toten Hosen, Gurtenfestival 2013 HQ

The singer mentioned, that he has in years 1996 and 2002 was on the straps and he can not remember well by its own account. He also remembered the April 2012 the band on the occasion „Magical-Mystery-Tour“ pants a private concert on a Bernese attic, belongs to a private apartment, played and according Campino one of the best parties ever celebrated. I even remembered, as „The Golden Lemon“ gave a concert in the riding hall and Campino, Kuddel and Wölli were as friends on tour. That evening, it was possible, to tip a few beers with the boys, to talk and to provide some nonsense. It was lovely, but it's been forever, no longer true, and therefore returned to the concert. „Paradise“ the band broke off suddenly, because a (Ambush) in the audience held up a banner with „Campino, I can better“. Campino asked Pasci from Aargau with the words „Here, the stage is the loser“ on the boards mean the world and the Aargau's doing not bad at once and used the big stage, to play to the gallery and the 15 Enjoying Minutes of Fame.

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

Next we went and latest in „All for Love“ the people themselves were jumping in the arms and Pyros are fired, which offset the fierce Broncos in a frenzy. Soon it was no longer clear, what welding, what were spilled beer and what tears of joy. The big headliner on Friday night brought the text safe Bern to the brink of the circulatory collapse and offered a huge and energetic concert. But somehow it was many years ago on the Mount Gurten better and that made not only the partially finely dressed out over 20’000 People from. No, somehow the straps charm has given the absolute commercial, Friendships to see and be seen, and anyway somehow all look the same and even this evening. They are clean, healthy, gutriechend, without hair, efficient and unobtrusive. How boring and kinda disgusting. Where are all the Freaks remained? Where are the goths and punks? All the „Spinner“ you can count on one hand. Nothing more going, neat people everywhere, all look, as if they are middle 30. Even if they 20 are, see it like this. If they crazy are, wear them beards and hats and trousers Shirt.

Is that still punk rock? I do not think! - Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

But what the heck, also a parallel to the tape – and yet somehow makes it so fun. Nearly two hours, the band rocked and the atmospheric regular highlight of this year's anniversary edition proved once more as the ideal occupation for a festival at this latitude. The usual enthusiasm and interaction with the audience was missing just as the crowd surfing trip to the mixing tower campinos – including Bengali torch on the roof – and back. The belt is located in the Toten Hosen concert in Sing-along-to-noise, „Here comes Alex“, „Make a wish“, the Doctors-Cover „Cry for love“, „Days like these“ and as the first addition „iced Bommerlunder“. The rest give the weary rebels the belts with the counting rhyme „Ten little hunters“ and adoption of official anthem „Goodbye“. A lot of spectacle, but what the dead has to offer with punk pants no longer care much, is probably more likely to become Schunkel Punk. Ja Macht nix, Heino covert meanwhile tion of song „The doctors“, will fit it all, otherwise it is suitable „made“… Are you still punk rock?

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Campino ignites Pyro, Die Toten Hosen, Gurtenfestival 2013 HQ

Setlist der Toten Hosen am Gurtenfestival:

  1. Ballast of the Republic
  2. Old fever
  3. Away game
  4. This is the moment
  5. All that was
  6. Today here, Tomorrow there
    (Hannes Wader Cover)
  7. Bonnie & Clyde
  8. Paradise
    (Is it better Pasci?)
  9. Never an opinion
  10. All for Love
  11. Pushed Again
  12. Cry for love
    (Die Ärzte Cover)
  13. Lovesong
  14. Arise, when you're down
  15. Here comes Alex
  16. Make a wish
  17. Days like these
  18. Yet:

  19. Iced Bommerlunder
  20. Everything will pass
  21. Far Far Away
    (Slade Cover)
  22. Ten little hunters
  23. Kind regards, on Wiederseh'n
  24. Yet 2:

  25. Outside the door
  26. Sunday Word
    (Campino Croudsurfing)
  27. To the bitter end
    (Campino Surfing Back)
  28. You’ll Never Walk Alone
    (Gerry & The Pacemakers cover)
Is that still punk rock? I do not think! - Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival
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Today onions scalped

And the whole bloody! Because today is Onion Market in Bern (in High German: Onion market), more a festival than a market. The fun begins at 5 Clock in the morning and goes up to about 18 Clock. Everything is sold, that has to do with onions: Braids, Sausages, Cakes and soups. At the orphanage- and federal court crowd (Marketingfuzzis would probably rather „stroll“ say) the crowds, to the ubiquitous smell of onions and the exhalations of the masses, which have gefuttert tidy onions, to „enjoy“… Have fun!

Love my neighbor

No problem, that you had yesterday until the wee visit, definitely, even if the visit – probably happy easily – at 3 Clock in the morning the stairway down like Attila. I hope you are happy you had?

Yes, I was happy!

That also, but goes! It is nevertheless true, and how it should be! No problem, even if it did every day. A house lives, so it should also be. I thank for the Rose, seems to be quite nice, Thrasher in the budget to once again have a flower (hey, watt ick am a wimp become)! And well, when I'm back on the mound, I have probably gone with a bouquet of roses… ;)

Frau Nachbarin

Where is Finn back? The bear fled!

NZZ zu Finn

As you can read in the NZZ, is Finn on the mountain. According to the latest information available to us, Finn is on the way over the mountain slope at the Bear Park, the Aargauerstalden, up and has, because this way but a little is already debilitating, be made a stopover at the old bear pit. There he is to be, have as it were incorporated as small intermediate strengthening a cyclist. Here are the spectacular images, shot by visitors to the Bear Park:


But what about the mountain, he is now, the good Finn? The NZZ information seem to be present, it has apparently not yet been released at this time. Thus, to us, the question, where he is to go for anything in the world, the good Finn, if he is over the hill? About which mountain? The Gurten? The Jordan? According to latest reports has already been spotted Finn of tourists in the Bernese Oberland and not only the, no, you Can it also be the same photo shoot:


Hmmm, or else it's just all a uhuren Gschiss? Where the current location of the bear is, is unknown. Each police station or, better, the NZZ but gladly takes notes on sightings of the beast…

Metallica brings to Bern!

After Ms. Chnübli service of this Eventful also her blog mentions has, the request for a Metallica Appearance in Bern yet risen so beautiful and still do. Even better would be just a „Clash of the Titans“ with Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica – well, one may indeed probably still dreaming…

Daring I'd now ask again about the matter and write: Get the Bernese fans of the harder it sounds out, to unite hundred or even a few hundred votes, Metallica might be persuaded to, that next Concert in the Switzerland to play in Bern? I think some, that should be possible, or? What hingekriegt Jonschwil, Bern will probably cope with. But what would, the boys back on 20 Years again in Bern and the possible Open Air To see the Stade de Suisse? :)

So once again dear friends the Crypt, spread this link to your blog, by Mail, Facebook, mySpace or anywhere else on the web => or binds an equal Widget (as the following below) into your webpage. Jump in the fire! Burn Bern! :State:

Demand Metallica in Bern!
Metallica in Bern - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

Bring Metallica to Bern

At Eventful I am met with a possibility, the desire can be, where Metallica on the next tour will make a stop and a Concert to give.

Having before the boys 21 Years – shit, passes the time – 1988 at that time with the Festhalle Bern „…and Justice for all“ 've seen, It would be some time again, Bern to insert a Pitstop Open Air to play at the Stade de Suisse.

So, dear friends of the Tomb, Give your voice Bern, spread this link => or binds an equal Widget (as the following below) into your webpage. So's in Bern again really power rocks! :State:

Demand Metallica in Bern!
Metallica in Bern - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

Scandal! Government ban on smoking breaks

Regierungsrat Hans-Jürg KäserA Bernese cantonal government name Hans-Jürg Käser, Police in his capacity- and Military Director, On last Saturday in the tent of federal Hornusserfests in Höchstetten BE cozy geschmaucht a pipe and thus violated in public against the new smoking ban! Scandal! How in View can read.

But the good man has indulged in a pipe, and that in a marquee, which was open to all sides. But according to the law, this is also a public space, in the Smoking is prohibited to protect the passive smokers! Eggs, exactly dear Friends of the Crypt, enough as it is, when one stomps irrational laws from the soil. And can be found on the Website Government of fireplaces still so clever sayings like this:

Real authority is not violence and power claim, but a role model and example

Exactly! You have to let time go by himself on the tongue. How does it again with „Violence and power claim“, Pinky? How to have the Google Street Geschichte feststellen musste, namely that our data protection one „Flag in the Wind Trailer“ seems to slip, it is also apparently ordered by cheesemaker. If you then have a law abnickt, which quite simply contrary to all reason and then it can get, how to keep yourself not comply with applicable laws, make the whole farce completely degenerated into absurdity. I like to say once again more: Whisk and charlatans determine the political and economic scene. The world is out of joint, and everywhere, the decline is noticeable. The time is over the juggler, but where are the able remained?

Gran Turismo 5 in Bern

Love Berneusen and Berner, the following clip you looking good times to (best full screen). Looks awesome and is determined more ingenious with one of the cars shown by the – in fact im Real Life almost traffic-free – City, to heat up to a passing tram. I would be interested, if Sony as so little delicacy as the bollard „moving“ Has obstacles built into the game ;)

Video Thumbnail
Gran Turismo 5: BMW M3 Coupe Chrome LINE parked in the middle of Bern, Switzerland

2009 again is Mattefescht years

This year, from Thursday, 3. to Saturday, 5. September in the mat in Bern again the bi-annual Mattefescht instead of.

The neighborhood festival is themed „50 Years Berner rock“ – during three days and nights appear on stage at the mill space on musicians, in the last 50 Years the Bernese music scene and in particular helped to create the Bernese rock and embossed. Moreover, again adorn dozens dining- enter and drink stalls, the streets and squares of the Bern Matte district and the traditional Mattefescht the incomparable setting.

Mattefescht 2009

Bern Clock Tower in the U.S.

According to the website is one of the landmarks of the city of Bern soon in Berne, U.S. to be seen. The Americans want to build the tower clock tower one on one in their Muensterberg Plaza:

Zytglogge in den USA

Meanwhile, we gathered in Berne the money and it can be built. Made it must be space for the place and then will losgelegt with the Tower, of about 1’000’000 $ Cost is, then come to glockenspiel and various other jewelry. Who now can make reference to the drawing is not really a picture, Here's a clip, look like the whole is:

It sounds like a typical American project from everywhere and is so, Now you can certainly soon nibble nicely next to the clock tower Bavarian white sausage and indulging in German folk music. Very nice * cough * Well, I would not want to digress too far with my thoughts, but from what country who love to scream „Copyright holder“ loudest?

The new tomb with Fumoir!

Crypt Fumoir

Since the 1. July is in the canton of Bern, the new smoking ban in public places, Restaurants and bars in force and has angered many smokers. Some feel discriminated, because they have to go outside for a cigarette, others feel curtailed their freedom and seek their Stammbeiz no longer simply.

Since we are to all our readers, whether smoking or Non smoking, equally make and we want to make all the stay here on our blog as enjoyable as possible, We have expanded our online catalog to include a smoking lounge.
Should you feel when reading our pages urge to smoke, Sun ride with your cursor just to the smoking lounge (bottom right) smoke and let it really! Enjoy your nail in the coffin :-)

And anyone wanting to make a little crafty, can in International Coalition Against Prohibition do.

To get the right background music for this post, Please fire up the following players!
Video Thumbnail
Dope - Die motherfucker die lyrics

Stade de Suisse: Parked in the city of Bern

As the gentle reader has probably noticed the Crypt, I'm going to tomorrow Concert from „The Boss“ The Stade de Suisse attend. On this occasion, I was, for the first time on website Wankdorfs and I have seen with the greatest astonishment following map:

Parkplätze Wankdorf Bern

Sometimes I'm surprised nothing. Since it is in the city of Bern for years Policy operated, the Intercourse to banish from the city center and there, where it is not yet ready, and is baffled „eternal construction sites“ the driver clearly suggests, his right place – and that is not entirely clear in the city. Tomorrow will now take place a bigger concert on the outskirts of Bern and how ingenious idea come our city fathers? Exactly, any possible visitors, which should erfrechen yet, come with the PW to a concert, is recommended, the car parks to use in the city! Right strategists are there at work!

Endangered species

Here is one of the rare photos of the white primates. The Bernese Oberland Berghonk!

Gefährdete Tierart

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