DBD: Holy Snappers Punk – Beastie Boys

Die Wurzeln der Beastie Boys lagen ursprünglich im Punk. It is on Youtube Here, Here and Here some live clips from this old recordings and how to heraustellt, they have also been included as a music video Teenage Jungmucker…

Beastie Boys - Holy Snappers Punk

DBD: (You gotta) Fight for your Right (To Party) – The Beastie Boys

Today, a classic from the years 1986 von Debütalbum „Licensed to Ill“ der Beastie Boys. In the following Video are some guest appearances to see, as at the date still unknown TV reporter Tabitha Soren, der Rapper LL Cool J, Mitglieder der Punkrockband Murphy’s Law und der Produzent der Beastie Boys Rick Rubin, the video in an AC / DC- and Slayer-T-Shirt wearing.

Beastie Boys - (You gotta) Fight for your Right (To Party)

Kick it!

You wake up late for school man you don’t wanna go
You ask you mom, „Please?“ but she still says, „No!“
You missed two classes and no homework
But your teacher preaches class like you’re some kind of jerk

You gotta fight for your right to party

You pops caught you smoking and he said, „NO WAY!“
That hypocrite smokes two packs a day
Man, living at home is such a drag
Now your mom threw away your best Porn may (Busted!)

[Repeat Chorus]

Don’t step out of this house if that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear
I’ll kick you out of my home if you don’t cut that hair
Your mom busted in and said, „what’s that noise?“
And, mom you’re just jealous it’s the Beastie Boys!

[Repeat Chorus]

DBD: So What’cha Want – Muppets covern Beastie Boys

Friends, have you ever wondered, wie es wäre, when the Beastie Boys Muppets were? Probably not. Aber dank YouTuber isthishowyougoviral, können wir es uns zumindest vorstellen, wie es wäre, when. In the following brilliant mash-up-Video give the Swedish Chef, Das Tier, Beaker and the Beastie Boys classic from the year 1992 „So what’cha Want“ the best :)

Beastie Boys | So What’cha Want | Muppets Version

R.I.P. Adam „MCA“ Yauch

Today the New York musician and hip-hop pioneer Adam Nathaniel Yauch died at the age of only 47 Years, er hinterlässt seine Frau Dechen Wangdu und eine Tochter. Er war einer der drei Mitgründer des US-Rap-Trios Beastie Boys. Together with the Beasties, he wrote music history, as a director, he created the fantastic low-fi clip „Intergalactic“ and „Fight for your Right (Revisited)“, letzterer ist unten in seiner vollen Länge zu bewundern. Simmons‘ Label Def Jam veröffentlichte das erste Album der bahnbrechenden Hip-Hop-Band, „Licensed to Ill“.

Bei dem Mitbegründer der Beastie Boys war 2009 Ohrspeicheldrüsenkrebs diagnostiziert worden. Yauch hatte damals erklärt, his disease was entirely treatable. Doch wegen seiner Krankheit sagte die Gruppe diverse Auftritte ab und verschob die Veröffentlichung ihres Albums „Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two“ on last year. His company Oscilloscope Laboratories produced among other Banksys „Exit thru The Gift shop“, Besides, he was a political activist, Gründer des Free Tibet Music Festival und zuletzt aktiv am Occupy Movement in New York beteiligt. Shit. Fuck. Kick it Root down! R.I.P

The Beastie Boys - No sleep till brooklyn
Beastie Boys - Fight for your Right (Revisited) Full Length