Album Review: Battleaxe – Heavy Metal Sanctuary

Battleaxe waren in den 80ern Helden des New Wave of British Heavy Metal, And then it became quiet around the guys around Dave King. As 1983 the debut album „Burn This Town“ and 1984 „Power from the Universe“ were published, the train had already left towards commercial success. Here, the potential of the quartet led by singer Dave King would have had quite to be known in a large scale for. That this was not the case, was probably also partly because, that the third album by the band („Mean Machine“) 1987 was taken up by the belt while, but never saw the light of day. Since the return of almost four years ago is now the comeback disc of Battleaxe as, after decades of hibernation, the British are reawakened and it begs the question, if that was worth getting up.

Battleaxe - Heavy Metal Sanctuary

And that is actually! Because has original singer Dave King always still a wonderful voice, which refines the twelve crisp comeback anthems with neat pepper. Musically remember Battleaxe from a mixture Accept and AC / DC combined with influences from NWOBHM. The original members Dave King (Vocals) und Brian Smith (Bass) sowie Mick Percy (Guitar) und Paul Atkinson (Drums) provide with „Heavy Metal Sanctuary“ another milestone for the genre from. The last 20 Years of course are not also gone to Battleaxe unscathed and so there is no retro sound from the 80s, but modern fast pure Heavy Metal. Experiments therefore find no, what would the album anyway harmed.


Battleaxe offer the listener increasingly groovy stomper, the voice of Kings – reminiscent of Udo Dirk Schneider here and there – live as well, as of the riffs of guitarist Mick Percy. The eponymous opener is here plainly the direction for the next some 48 Minutes ago. Without technical frippery, for it with a high energy level, the songs get to the point. Unfortunately, the song structures are kept a little too simplistic, so sometimes you but wants a surprising turn in the pieces. Technically this is indeed done all things well, but at „Heavy Metal Sanctuary“ it can be seen, why it was not enough for a successful career. Songs wie „Devil Calls“, „Kingdom Come“, „Hail To The King“ or „Too Hot To Handle“ simply lacking in sustainability. That does not mean, that the album is a bad album, However, there is a lack of real highlights.

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BATTLEAXE - "Heavy Metal Sanctuary" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Heavy Metal fans may like to risk an ear and fans will disagree with me determined, but the bottom line has „Heavy Metal Sanctuary“ too little to offer to let to stand out from the crowd Battleaxe. The competition has just become stronger again in this sector and so it would be difficult for the British, prevail. On the positive side is the one of the raw, aber charmante Sound, present with the old hands here their album. But the Twelve divider is too predictable, although Dave King and his men are trying by all means, To bring variety into the game. Despite slight speed crossings here and quieter tones there, present many pieces after altbekanntem scheme, which, although initially fun, however, appears somewhat unspectacular with time. If you still charismatic and genuine Heavy Metal like and want to sing along with a handful of hymns steels Direction fist and fervor in the shower, Battleaxe is in the right place. Rock-solid heavy metal from Sunderland, in the press to light and shadow each other's jack in the hand. A relatively unembellished, earthy production somewhere in the intersection of newer Accept, U.D.O. and also a bit light.

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  1. Heavy Metal Sanctuary
  2. Shock And Awe
  3. Hail To The King
  4. Rebel With A Cause
  5. Give It More
  6. Too Hot For Hell
  7. Revolution
  8. A Prelude To Battle / The Legions Unite
  9. Spirits Of The Fallen
  10. Devil Calls
  11. Kingdom Come
  12. Romeo
Album Review: Battleaxe - Heavy Metal Sanctuary
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