1.21 Gigawatts – Back to the Future Prequel Trailer

Friends, Imagine, there was a prequel to „Back to the Future“-franchise, is shown in which, why the Libyan terrorists are not good to talk to Doc Brown, Finally, he has given them the plutonium, which he needs for his time travel machine, stolen. At exactly this Filmstyler Hopkins now has a TRAILER made, consisting of clips from the films as „Back to the Future“, „My Favorite Martian“, „Camp Nowhere“ (Camp Nowhere), „Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead“, „Dennis the Menace“, „Zero Dark Thirty“, „Argo“, „The stop“ (The Sum of All Fears), „Syriana“, „Iron Man“ and „Dazed and Confused“. It's not a comedy.

Back to the Future Prequel Trailer: 1.21 Gigawatts

The self constricting sneakers by Nike are there from 28. to buy November

The self constricting sneakers by Nike are there from 28. to buy November

For years, there are rumors, if and when at last Nike a shoe with the out „Back from the Future“ known, himself constrictive Power Laces rausbringt. at the 28. November is the day, actually comes a sneaker from Nike, the laces on pressure itself. The Nike HyperAdapt. Prices there are no. Wired the part has closer look…

Meet the HyperAdapt, Nike's Awesome New Power-Lacing Sneaker | Wired

flyboard Air: Hoverboard flies up to 150 km / h

The French extreme athletes Franky Zapata has developed a Hoverboard, the up to three kilometers high and 150 km / h can fly fast. Technical details but you remain guilty. According to Zapata fuel stops, he protested in Video carries on the back, for up to ten minutes. Production-ready device but is probably still a long way.

Through „independent drive units“ up to the „Hoverboard“ Keep named Flyboard Air in the air. According to Zapata are heights of more than three kilometers possible, in the video, but he considers himself always a few meters above water. The speed limits should 150 be kilometers per hour. Technically, this is all but entirely possible. So a Canadian inventor has set up last year set a world record for the longest jump with a hoverboard – the construction of the Hoverboards was similar to that of Air Flyboard.

The authenticity of the video has been challenged quickly, Especially since the alleged Hoverboard another Invention similar Zapata. He was the „Water Jetpack“ flyboard bekannt, enabling by means of two powerful water jets, up to 15 Meters above the water surface to „hover“. Meanwhile own sport called Flyboarding it has developed. To dispel doubts, but was a now the second video released, the takeoff and landing shows. Technical details but it remains guilty.

Flyboard® Air Test 1

Summer ’78

Short film about a little boy, playing with his Star Wars Toys in the garden. the Boy is namely J. J. His Abrams, of as a child here had Ideas, like a Star Wars movie might look like, and of course the enterprise can occur. Very nice movie, the J.C. Reifenberg has turned since. The end One can indeed easily wegdenken.

Reifenberg, who grew up in the same part of Los Angeles as Abrams and shot the short there, says he wanted to create something that looked both forward to the franchise’s future and back to its roots.
Hence Darth Father using a very 1978 cocktail stick for a lightsaber — which also happens to look just like Kylo Ren’s controversial triple-bladed weapon from the forthcoming film.

Summer '78 - A Short Film

the „Back to the Future“-Trilogie in 90 Seconds

The BTTF-Day's been a while, but this summary „Back to the Future“ -Trilogy in only 90 Seconds I just have not stuck in the tomb. So if you still could see all three films, need it after this summary no longer do!

The Back to the Future Trilogy in 90 Seconds

„2015 is pretty shit“: Marty McFly and Doc Brown hosted by Jimmy Kimmel

Yesterday at BTTF Day slipped Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd celebrated again in their roles as Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the sci-fi classics and were the audience for. Thunderous applause, the two took the legendary time-travel DeLorean onto the stage, but the actual year 2015 With War the Middle East and without Hoverboards or flying cars, however, the two time travelers did not seem overly impressed: „Sorry for the question, but what the hell you have the latest 30 Made years?“ Addressing Doc Brown grabbed Marty then together: „Doc, looks as if 2015 pretty shit.“

"2015 ist ziemlich Scheisse": Marty McFly and Doc Brown hosted by Jimmy Kimmel

Just recently, Christopher Lloyd announced in an interview, he fourth one „Back to the Future“-Part would not be averse: „It consists always the danger, that a successor can not keep up with the originals. A new part would have to be about something Search here: the fight against climate change or ISIS or something radical with a real emergency. No idea, what could be.“ On demand, whether Lloyd could imagine, that Michael J. Fox, Since the 1991 suffers from Parkinson, would be ready for a fourth part, he adds: „I think, that he would take on the role regardless of Parkinsons and he would be great. I could not imagine a new part without him.“

Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live

Back from „Back to the Future“: DeLorean with electric drive

In Robert Zemeckis Trilogie „Back to the Future“served as a time machine of his time a sports car type DeLorean DMC-12. And just as a vehicle now has a group of students at the Queen'S University modernized in Belfast, Northern Ireland and installed an electric drive. Maintaining, however, was the original 5-speed gearbox of the vehicle.

QUB Electric DeLorean - Electrical Engineering at Queen's

The fact that a university in Northern Ireland such a project makes, is no coincidence: On the one hand, the network is in charging stations for electric vehicles there relatively tight and secondly, the DeLorean were built at the beginning of the 80s near Belfast, although it was the manufacturer DMC to a US firm. a Video the electric runabout in driving there is not yet, there hang the Belfast of the future but a bit behind. After all, they have already recorded in February, as the combination of a new electric motor and old gear sounds:

QUB Electric DeLorean - First test of electric motor

Eclectic Method – Back To The Future Remix

In honor of the 30. Anniversary of the franchise has this brilliant Eclectic Method „Back to the Future“ Together with remix sounds from the movies, the just makes lots of fun!

Eclectic Method - Back To The Future Remix
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