Album Review: Arcturon – Expect Us

Arcturon“ stands for modern influence, Melodic Death Metal From the Switzerland. Brilliant Gitarrenriffs, show striking melodies and the band-typical wrecking ball, that there are no limits in Metal. 2014 celebrates the band not only the 10 anniversary, but returns with a real challenge. The new EP „Expect Us“ is most 24. published October and beyond any previous experience in the shadows. Recorded in the Swedish Fascinationstreet studios and Johan Örnborg (Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Katatonia, etc.) Produced, shows the shekel impressive, how much potential in the four Swiss.

Arcturon - Expect Us

The band was founded ten years ago in the Swiss Reigoldswil of the time only 14 Year old guitarist Florian Moritz, Drummer and percussionist Samuel Samuel Fischer Spinnler. From a complete line-up is but to speak until the following summer, when their bassist Felix Bacher, Connect keyboardist Roger Plattner and shouter Wieland Schmied. This band playing in spring 2006 their first gig, but need a little later part with half of the members already back. Both both Samuels and Wieland and Roger hit the road. So Felix also takes over the mic, Samuel Sigrist the Keys and Stefan Maier sits down behind the drums. In this constellation, they take 2007 their first demo „Breaking Walls“ on and leave your own first fragrance brand in the melodic death metal.

Arcturon - Logo

The next follows in the form of opener gigs during the Metalfest tour 2007 im Z7 Pratteln and, where they for „Six Feet Under“, „Nile“, „Finntroll“ and „Belphegor“ open. Increases with Aljosha Gasser 2009 a new shouter at „Arcturon“ a, Felix since the band officially Leave has. It helps only when live gig with Zonaria on bass from, to Yanick Vernet takes over the position permanently. After Samuel Fischer has taken his old place behind the drums again, scratch „Arcturon“ complete their coal together and board under the supervision of producer Jonas Kjellgren (Hypocrisy, Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate) the Abyss Studio in Sweden, for her debut there „The Eight Thorns Conflict“ record. With the disk as a self-production in hand they get a deal with the booking agency Massive Music and are finally regularly on stage. So they accompany 2011 Not only „Rotting Christ“ on tour and contact „Arch Enemy“ and „Wolf“ on, but heat in August of the year and the tent at the Summer Breeze.

Arcturon - My Treasure [Official Video]

Although up to Aljosha Gasser, Flo and Sam is constantly changing the line-up, make the three neatly something going and shy away even before participating in the Euro Vision Song Contest preliminary round not returned in Switzerland. As soon as they have recovered sufficient material, they also sit again at Jonas Kjellgren at the studio and the second album „An Old Storm Brewing“ on. Confusingly, they have become a bass player here, the same as their drummer named Samuel Fischer. Snag with the new disc „Arcturon“ a deal with the German label Supreme Chaos Records, where „An Old Storm Brewing“ in February 2013 appears.

Arcturon Band

What many Routine-Victims has been lost over the years, The quartet can gallons of flow into his work: Pure, adrenalin geschwängertes heart and so is for 10 anniversary EP „Expect Us“ shows in the wings and, how much potential in the four Swiss. Each of the four songs has its own unique character and corresponding professional sounds of the Four Tracker. After the debut demo and two long grooves, the quartet waiting so on to the next sign of life, reciting skillfully its four melodic death metal boards from. All tracks are equipped with proper groove and let the neck going into the rotation just before ecstasy. These four pieces are the quartet was truly a success and I am sure, that the boys will go on their way. „Expect Us“ appear on 24 October and was baptized on 25 October at the Z7 in Pratteln.

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  1. My Treasure
  2. Expect Us
  3. A Restless Soul
  4. Rowan
Album Review: Arcturon - Expect Us
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