Augmented Dead

Augmented Dead

In Japan there is now a Pokémon GO-like app, with which you can visit the deceased in the cemetery. In this case, the deceased already planning still alive his appearance in the event of death, as The Japan Times reported:

Augmented Dead

By allowing people to “catch” pre-recorded Video messages from the departed in cemeteries, [a tombstone company in Chiba Prefecture] hopes to create an effect similar to snagging Pokemon characters, but with a more personal touch. Yoshiyuki Katori, president of Ryoshin Sekizai in Katori, Chiba, said the firm’s new app, named “Spot message,” realizes his longtime dream of preserving memories of the deceased for the living.

“My uncle, who ran a paint store, died eight years ago after he fell from a tall structure at work,” said Katori, 33. “His death was so sudden, and it shattered the lives of his family. I also respected him a lot, so I would often visit his grave, consulting with him in my mind whenever I had issues concerning my business. I wondered how comforting it would be if he could talk to me at his grave, with messages like ‘How are you doing?’ and ‘Hang in there.’ ”

Katori then came up with the idea of using augmented reality to plant video messages from the dead at their resting places and other locations dear to them.

The concept mixes virtual images with real-life landscapes captured by the camera of a smartphone or tablet. The web-based service targets people who want to prepare videos and photos to be shown to their families and close friends after they die, Katori said.

Augmented Dead
(Pics via Samim)

Everywhere hinpissen with Pee World VR

With Pee World VR, the miracle of technology of tomorrow, you can hinstrullern already everywhere. The is, so that Pinkel meetings in real life to expand your virtual realities. The toilet of the Virtual Reality Pisser I want after virtually expanded session see happy times, so with the entire extended Pissstrahlergebnis links and right and everywhere next to the bowl…

Pee World VR
Developer: Grant and Pablo
Price: Free

Go Virtually Anywhere with Pee World VR!

The world’s first urination simulation — see into virtual reality reality while also peeing into a toilet. Urinate into Amazing places while staying in the safety of your own bathroom. Go in amazing places like the grand canyon, a political rally, The Beach, and outer space. Look down to pee. Look up to be teleported to a new exotic location.

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Pee World VR

The polder – Trailer and Poster

The polder - Poster

Finally the Swiss Fantasy / science fiction film comes „The polder“ Samuel Schwarz and Julian M. Grünthal in die Kinos. at the 1. September 2016 is applicable, after the film about a year ago on NIFFF premiere. Now including the mainstream audience can look forward outside of film festivals on the film. To celebrate the release you can also come up with some. Den Film begleiten werden unter anderem eine App für Android and iOS, Which „The polder“ well away from the big screen to bring to life. It will certainly be interesting to see, whether moviegoers will jump on it. Ob via App, Hörspiel oder Film, it will be interesting to the new plant of „Mary & Johnny“-directors. Not only because the first TRAILER einen tollen Eindruck hinterlässt, but also because there is simply too little genre films from the Switzerland are. This makes the Theatrical Release of „The polder“ umso schöner.

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Der Polder Official Trailer (2016)

NEUROO-X steht für Games, die die Grenze zwischen Wirklichkeit und Realität aufheben. A new gadget, the legendary RED BOOK, provides the ultimate gaming experience. Die geheimsten Sehnsüchte der Gamer werden von der Engine gescannt und in phantastische Adventures verwandelt. Marcus, the Chief Development Manager of NEUROO-X dies nearing completion of the RED BOOK. His mistress Ryuko finds out, that in the test series of the game in China terrible happened and the deeper it dives into the mystery of NEUROO-X, umso mehr verliert auch sie den Bezug zur Realität. Sie vernachlässigt ihren Sohn Walter, logging into the game and disappears in the digital parallel world. Ryuko findet sich wieder in einer Welt voller Dämonen, Witches, Ritter and terrorists.

Der Fantasy-Film schickt seine Zuschauer in eine Welt aus digitalen Nebenwelten und Gamer-Sehnsüchten. «Polder» wurde mit dem Méliès d’Argent in Trieste als bester europäischer Science-Fiction-Film ausgezeichnet.

Im ersten Transmedia-Projekt der Schweiz können via der App «Der Polder» weitere trashige Sci-Fi-Dystopien erlebt werden. In den Filmvorstellungen werden die Parallelwelten auch mit dem Kinobesuch verknüpft: Vor dem Film wird der/die ZuschauerIn mittels eines Audiowalks auf einen Spaziergang rund ums Kino geführt, hört fantastische Geschichten und begegnet magischen Figuren. Während der Vorstellung interagieren Schauspieler aus dem Film in theatralen Elementen mit dem Publikum – eine ganz besondere Erfahrung.

therefore: Die App «Der Polder» (erhältlich ab 15. August) aufs Smartphone laden und Kopfhörer mitbringen! In ausgewählten Städten können Sie schon ab dem APP-Release über Hörspiele in die Storywelt von «Polder» eintauchen.

The polder
Developer: Gbanga
Price: Free
The polder
Developer: Millform Ltd
Price: Free

CR7Selfie: take pictures with Cristiano Ronaldo for a good cause

The initials stand for CR7 great entertainment on the soccer field. Now we surprised the Portuguese European champion with an app, that will take him on the popularity scale determined further forward. With the „CR7Selfie“-App, which for a few days for it Android and iTunes are, you can conjure Cristiano Ronaldo on their own photo and helps a good cause, because each download comes the charitable organization „Save the Children“ benefit. I find that absolutely great! Another trophy for the exceptional athlete. Whereas you had to say, that we believed no one could think, would fit better in this app. As long as we thus help people, fits that but also… :)

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Now you can have a selfie with me anytime, anywhere and everywhere.
Developer: 7Windows
Price: 2,39 €
Developer: 7Windows
Price: 1,99 €

Math app solves computing homework

A Croatian entrepreneurs has created a free app, the character recognition software uses and can thus solve mathematical equations within seconds. It scans with the phone a mathematical equation and the app called „PhotoMath“ expects them from the solution, showing all steps, leading to the final. App Inventor Damir Sabol says: „Students can look up their results in their books. You can count on fast and get an immediate result. So they can check, what they did right or wrong. but you can see all solution steps in detail. So it's not just about, To obtain results, but to be able to track the entire process to resolution.“

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The App, which was published last October on the market, has already been downloaded eleven million times. But not everyone is happy: Some say, The app does not work properly, particularly when it comes to long and complicated equations. App Inventor Damir Sabol to: „We are on, To post a new version of the app. First, the Android-Come out version, as this is a much larger market and we still expect growth since, But not only that – the new version will be able to solve more complex mathematical problems.“

PhotoMath - Kamerarechner

Gofor: Drones on Demand App

Alex Cornell and Phil Mills have with „Our Drone Futureeine drohnisierten Staat hübsch in Szene gesetzt und zeigen uns hier jetztGofor: Drones on Demand„. Eine App für eine dronenunterstützte Zukunft, in der nicht nur das Militär und die Polizei, but also have private citizens access to far-reaching drones Service…

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Drones on Demand using Gofor

South Park: Per Android app See all episodes

The wait is over, at the 6. March went the iOS app on the Start (See link below) and finally there is a Android-Variant, which the popular TV series „South Park“ provides on the go. It can all episodes of the cult series about Kenny, Cartman & Co. be looked at and this completely free!

South Park: Per Android app See all episodes

South Park is one of the most successful series of the TV channel „Comedy Central“ and there are now more than 17 Staffeln und Serien-Specials. For some time, the episodes can free and legal in Internet streamed and now Android users can join in this pleasure and can immediately view all South Park episodes on smartphone and tablet. There are all consequences, which are also available on and available, now go. The episodes can be viewed in English or German, and this completely free!

The quality of the video stream fits through HTTP live streaming automatically the respective network connection, it accesses the app to a total of three different quality levels:

  • Bandwidth: 160 KB, resolution: 416 x 312 Pixel
  • Bandwidth: 560 KB, resolution: 416 x 312 Pixel
  • Bandwidth: 1,2 MB, resolution: 640 x 480 Pixel

South Park: Per Android app See all episodes

For future updates, the developers plan to stream the video in HD quality (720P), and support for Google Chromecast. The South Park App can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

South Park
Price: Free+

„Anti-Smog“ iPhone Camera App

The camera Appvon Xiamen Meitu Technology from China with built-in „DeSmog“-Feature turns versmogeten, smoky sky in bright blue. Offensichtlich eine einfache Auto-Tonwertkorrektur mit Anhebung der Blautöne. The Chinese original there at iTunes-China: 美图秀秀

"Anti-Smog" iPhone Camera App

Blow Up Traffic – Hunt Per app other road users in the air

Blow Up Traffic - Hunt Per app other road users in the air

Der Hass beim Autofahren gegenüber Schleichern, gegenüber Rasern und gegenüber den Arschgeigen, the drive so penetrating medium-fast, can get out of hand downright. Jetzt liefert ein Programmierer aus Texas die Lösung: Mit seiner Augmented Reality App „Blow Up Traffic“ can the Intercourse vor sich abballern und explodieren lassen.

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Cure road rage. Blow Up Traffic with your iPhone.

Using next-generation RAGE (Responsive Asshole Gesture Engine) Algorithm detects the app automatically, wann ein bestimmter Lautstärkepegel im Inneren des Fahrzeugs überschritten wird. Daraufhin wird das Fahrzeug vor einem getrackt und effektvoll in Stücke geballert. This gives the driver the short term air and can, if you will, certainly be regarded as a safety feature. Gibt es im Moment leider nur fürs iPhone

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Hate Traffic? Blow it up with your iPhone
The app could not be found in the App Store. :-( #wpappbox

links: → Open Store → Google Search

Send Me To Heaven - The best app for your smartphone

Send Me To Heaven

S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sport Game and how it works: Man hurls his cell phone as high as it goes and a sensor determines the height. Ergebnis Das wird in die automatisch Send Me To Heaven Highscore liste eingetragen. yeah! For mobile phones were built.

S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sport game. Player throws his phone out of he sing high. The Higher, the better. The phone uploads Registers the height and Leader boards to Result. World Top 10, Top Week 10 and Day Top 10 Lists are available.

Hitting: Be careful not to injure yourself or others. Be always aware that there is enough space Above you and around you. Do some training to learn right skills to get best results. Switch on GPS on your phone and allow the App to use location to be able to take part in LOCAL competitions.

Developer: Carrot Pop
Price: Free

Endoskull – Cyborg Skull

Endoskull - Cyborg Skulls

today can be found here for fans of the Terminator films images of a great collection of Terminator Endoskulls. something, or better yet the Life-size model I would I love to deliver to the apartment. Unfortunately, the fun is now somewhat difficult to get or very expensive plain and simple. So I content myself today with the pictures, which of course I do not want to deprive you. Who wants to have such a cyborg skull on his cell phone, read more below…

Endoskull - Cyborg Skull

For Android there's a app, Talking Cyborg genannt, wherein one or even with the Robot can speak skull and make a lot more. So you can leave the Endoskull speak sentences, for example as „I’ll be back“, „Bye, Baby“ or „Come with me if you want to live.“ But beware, the talking cyborg is different from other apps, because this is programmed, to defend itself! At best, the following Video View to get an idea of ​​the functionality of the robot skull:

Video Thumbnail
Talking Cyborg review

The app is available for Android available and can be downloaded for free in the Play Store:

Cyborg Live Wallpaper

Untappd – The Social Network for Beer Lovers

Untappd is a free app for beer lovers, a social network for beer lovers so, the integration of everyday social networks as the interfaces facebook or twitter uses.

Untappd - The Social Network for Beer Lovers

The two founders Tim Mather and Greg Avola were not the first, which would call such an app to life. OnTap beer with friends were already in 2010 Create a personal collection drunk beers. This app is not developed any further and was only available for iOS. Different with Untappd: The network provides for all „Grosen“ mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry und Windows Phone) an app, Below you will find the direct links to AppStore and Google Play.

The operation is known from other networks: Who is drinking a beer, and want to share this fact with friends, find the beer through the search function and may include an evaluation of 0 to 5 Awarded stars. You can get a Comment and add a photo. Via Foursquare integration can also specify the Trinkort.

Friends get from Twitter, facebook & Co. take. These are in the category „Pub“ displayed, where you can at any time in a sort of timeline for beer watch the latest tasted beers friends. In addition, you can look at the beers, to be drunk straight in a specific geographical area.

Lacking even a beer in the database, it can be stating the brewery, the alcohol content, the IBU value (Scale for the bitterness of a beer) create and the variety itself. For breweries, there are special functions, to obtain information about rating their own beers and offer specials.

Untappd - Discover Beer
Developer: Untappd
Price: Free
Untappd - Discover Beer
Developer: Untappd, Inc
Price: Free

App for the greatest swimming pools in Switzerland – Safe in swimming pool, Rivers and lakes

Since last year, the Swiss Life Saving Society (SLRG) the free app „Aquamap“ an, helps the swimmers and Böötlern, to find out the best possible way in front of her bathroom in Swiss waters. The card has to target the people in the Switzerland to make their stay on the water plan and to prevent drowning.

Aquamap will possible the Knowledge go Partner unite from the various sectors of water sports, in order to provide important prevention information as comprehensively available. For example, the user sees at a glance, that the Aare with ARA has little water and so increases the risk of injury. Or that the bear park, a bathing prohibition exists or the general prohibition in Rubigen.

For „Locals“ There are all known hazards. But since the card for the whole of Switzerland is, this danger signaling are also practical, better plan to take a boat trip to another region. Or for outsiders and tourists, diving for the first time in local waters.

The project „Aquamap“ shows not only dangerous places, but the water level, the temperature and the flow rate. In addition, the app also provides access to the 6 Swimming rules SLRG.

The app could not be found in the App Store. :-( #wpappbox

links: → Open Store → Google Search
The app could not be found in the App Store. :-( #wpappbox

links: → Open Store → Google Search

Ghost hunt in your own home – GHOSTBUSTERS: Paranormal Blast

Yeah friends, Did you want to have always Play Ghostbusters and you always waiting you sure, that the spirits hover among us? Or you've always wanted to be a real Ghostbuster? Now you have thanks „GHOSTBUSTERS: Paranormal Blast“ by XMG Studio, the opportunity, in your own living room, the kitchen, to hunt for work or in the park spirits! More or less by chance I came across this clever, new games for Android, both iPad and iPhone stumbled and have to say, it's fun!

The game is located-based, and so the game would always, where the player resides and using augmented reality, it can project CGI ghosts in the area real shown on the screen. Through an integrated smartphone, iPhone or iPad camera can be „real“ Spirits like Slimer or even the Marshmallow Man and find arrest make. It simply walks through his apartment, at work or wherever you're just looking for the otherwise invisible spirits. Once one is found, grabs her from your proton radiator and let the pests in your ghost traps disappear.

Video Thumbnail
Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast [TRAILER]

By turning the instrument Look for the spirit, when he disappeared from sight. Then you aim at the enemy and start the fire, but beware: are attacked and injured Also you can and go to the ground. Once you have weakened the spirit enough, can he be put in a trap. Level completed, Coal collects and now you can watch the mind in its collection. And put the money in improving the equipment. Who needs more, Buster can buy Bucks and make them the default currency. Buster Bucks cost between 79 Cent and violent 10,49 Euro. Nevertheless: The game idea is funny, the reaction succeeded - slight downer: The game's graphics are rather simple. Both Ray Parker Jr. anthem as well as the mandatory-popular sound effects have not made it into the game and take Dr. Venkman and Co. here appear only boring recruits.

But no matter, The game is fun and in more than 20 various missions is a not so boring quickly. So off to the proton emitters… I’m afraid of no ghost!

The app could not be found in the App Store. :-( #wpappbox

links: → Open Store → Google Search

igrill furs iphone

Friends, right manner haben die perfekte Garzeit fürs Grillgut auf dem Rost ja im Gefühl. Falls man aber überhaupt nicht ohne App auf dem iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch manages, gibts now the iGrill thermometer of iDevices. The Bluetooth capability enables the iGrill with the Apple-Gerät verbunden werden und mittels der App „iGrill Classic“ or „iGrill Pro“ kann jederzeit die Temperatur der Speisen überwacht werden. The system works to 50 m distance and alerts, when the dish is ready. To have for CHF 99.00 in brackish.

The crypt in Google Currents

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Introducing Google Currents

Google was in the 12. April Google Currents für alle Länder freigeben. I beg your pardon? Was ist Google Currents? A kind of feed reader, nur in hübsch. Google Currents bringt Inhalte in magazinähnlicher Form auf Smartphones (Android and iPhone) und Tablets (Android und iPad/iPod touch). Images and text can be processed dynamically, sodass sie auf allen Geräten gleich gut lesbar und schön anzuschauen sind. Two key advantages do excelled in this app:

  1. Postings auf Google Currents können offline gelesen werden. When connected to the Internet is, Currents synchronizes all content, damit diese im Offline-Modus verfügbar sind. Die Synchronisation kann manuell ausgelöst oder automatisch im Hintergrund, For example, every six hours, durchgeführt werden.
  2. Dank integrierter Sharing-Funktion können Postings einfach mit Freunden geteilt werden. Zur Verfügung stehen facebook, twitter, email, sms und natürlich Google Plus.

Currents ist neu, Currents ist hip und Currents gibt es für Android und iOS. So much fun with the Tales from the Crypt on Currents.

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