DBD: Creepin‘ Again – Annihilator

Here the Lyric-Video to Annihilators Song „Creepin‘ Again“, of the fifteenth Long Player „Suicide Society“, which since 18. September is on sale in the shops, dates. As on the last Annihilator publications mastermind and guitarist Jeff Waters wrote the songs, Recorded four-and six-string, produced the album, abgemixt and mastered. Another new feature is his return to the mic, which is due to the departure of Dave Padden…

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ANNIHILATOR - "Creepin' Again" - Official Lyric Video

DBD: Human Insecticide – Annihilator

Here again something, aus vergangenen Tagen und könnte locker als eine der besten Thrash-Basslines ever durchgehen

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Annihilator - Human Insecticide

DBD: No Way Out – Annihilator

The Canadian thrash legend „Annihilator“ has „No Way Out“ another Muiskvideo the current album „Feast“ published. The Video accompanied the band on their tour from the airport to the hotel room, vom Proberaum auf die Bühne des Wacken Open Air vor 80’000 enthusiastic fans. And it makes it abundantly clear: The guys thrash Metal in the blood!

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Annihilator - No Way Out - Official Video

Turned on the television
What did I see?
A selfish evil psychopath
Blackened eyes looking at me

Fight on trial for your life
One big waste of time
A shot to the head sliced throat
A stab in the back the crime

Testified, crucified
There is no way out
Suicide, suicide
There is no way out for you

Lies lies manipulation
Too many stories to keep
But this time it’s bit you in the ass
You’re in too deep

Arrogant, self-loving bitch
The center of the world
Into the pits of hell girl

Testified, crucified
There is no way out
Suicide, suicide
There is no way out for you

Blacken the name of your victim
And drag his name through the mud
No regret for your actions (no regret)
And no remorse for the blood (blood)

So tragic we wonder why
You sentenced a man to die (the)

DBD: Deadlock – Annihilator

Friends, the song „Deadlock“ vom kommenden Album „Feast“ you have to necessarily listen to their! The album is 9 contain new songs, and in Bonus CD 15 updated classics. The cover will appear with ECO-Book and 3D Cover. But hurry up, supposedly the song only 24 Its hours online…

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Annihilator - "Deadlock" - Music Video