Amy Winehouse ist tot

The British singer has been found dead at her home in London, at least reported the British channel „Sky News“ and several British media. The London Police said, at 15 Am local time was an ambulance to the place of residence of the singer been called in Camden Square.

Your debut album with Amy „Frank“ In October 2003. In England it has been for already 2004 nominated for BRIT Awards. International Winehouse managed with her album „Back to Black“ the breakthrough. In October 2006 the eleven songs were published and Winehouse thus reached in many countries, the top of the charts. She received five Grammy Awards for her work.

The singer had in the past always again with alcohol and Drugs had to fight. It was only 27 Years old. The cause of death is still unclear, the BBC reported. The girl is probably drank himself to death and probably drugs were involved. Or was it a silicone poisoning? Welcome to Club27 Amy! It’s better to burn out than to fade away! R.I.P.