Album Review: Amaranthe – Massive Addictive

The Sweden of „Amaranthe“ are known for their mixture of melodic Metal Electronic Dance Music-und elementen. The sound is pretty poppy and Türülü, but I think really, that make, because they simply do feel like it, to create a contrast to their main bands. At least I Olof Mörck (Dragonland) and also Elize not the impression, that they somehow are eager to make money with plastic Mucke. The band obviously has a whole lot of fun on stage and looking a bit the balance between metal and danceable Music. This does not please everyone and is also neatly sticky, but the music's fun and good humor. Enough yet, or rather what more could you want? At the 17. October appears her new album „Massive Addictive“, the successor of „The Nexus“ from the year 2013 and how always submit „Amaranthe“ not any prescribed Genre-Rules.

Amaranthe - Massive Addictive

On „Massive Addictive“ remain the basic characteristics of the band, Bombastic sound decorated with driving riffing, pulsating beats and heavenly melodic choruses available, simultaneously sets the album Amaranthe's continuing tradition, always explore new dynamics and develop their own sound. The songs are so catchy, that they reverberate hours after the hearing in the ear canals. The twelve-song album was of sound magician Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica) included as conductive producers and is an immaculate collection of carefully forged European Metal, powered by Olof Mörcks surgically precise riffs and solos cut, supported by Morten Sørensen Løwe rhythmic precision and Johan Andreassen droning low-frequency attacks. Elize Ryds song is so emotional and space-filling as ever, while Jake E's melodic vocals are full of power. Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson, recently responsible for the Screams, pushes the new material as his own stamp on.

Amaranthe Band

The album starts with an explosive shock: „Dynamite“ is peppy with heavy riffs, therefore,. One of the titles, as well as „Unreal“ and „Danger Zone“, when you have to say: „Holy shit, Elize is here“! Your siren-like vocals pulls one from the start in its spell. It follows the lead single „Drop Dead Cynical“ in which the band also like the song „Over and Done“ more sets on the chorus and supplies the existing vocal dynamics with a heaving breath of fresh air. „Drop Dead Cynical“ is a representative for the album Song. The very groovy piece that is clearly distinct from the classical „Amaranthe“ Single releases and transfers the sound in a fresh direction, crowned with an anthemic chorus. „Drop Dead Cynical“ accurately reflects the, Fans were the von „Massive Addictive“ can expect: Powerful melodies and heavy riffs. The associated Video to „Drop Dead Cynical“ is really fat, more than a dozen MMA fighters together with cheerleaders and tons of pyrotechnics make the whole thing into an intense experience Amaranthe.

Video Thumbnail
Amaranthe - Drop Dead Cynical

The title track is perhaps the greatest testament to Jake and Elize's symbiotic synergy. As a contrast to the singers, the blare their individual lines, is the Chorus, which provides the voices for a perfect balance. This musical relationship will continue with „True“, one of two power ballads on the album, underlined. Along with „Exhale“, Jake seems to return with the two songs a little too dualistic incantations of the first album back. „Digital World“ is the album's steam engine, Here explodes Elize voice, as well as „Over and Done“ together with „Danger Zone“ these are also the best showcase for Henrik singing. Is more variation in the musical dynamics and technical precision „Trinity“, „Danger Zone“ and „An Ordinary Abnormality“, in which you Olof and his Love feel to Power Metal. „Skyline“ and „Exhale“ are two completely unique units from Amaranthe discography and ensure a bright light and new sound. „Skyline“ is a swinging roller coaster. „Exhale“ closes the album off nicely, a beautiful, powerful song in mid tempo Symphonic-Gothic Metal-style vaguely reminiscent „Within Temptation“.

Amaranthe Band

„Massive Addictive“ is in all respects a step forward for the band Gothenburg, reached but already the last album „The Nexus“ Space 6 in the Swedish, Space 4 in the Finnish and a surprise seat 12 in the US-Charts. From the driving sounds in „Drop Dead Cynical“ on the anthemic title track to opulent stadium atmosphere of „Digital World“ and the emotional, kraftvollen Halbballade „True“ is „Massive Addictive“ a lesson in dynamics, refuses, to submit to any mandatory genre rules. The album is full of energy, bombastic and explosive, just as one would expect from Amaranthe and the forceful implementation of the songs is a real treat for all fans of Melodic Death Power Metal.

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  1. Dynamite
  2. Drop Dead Cynical
  3. Trinity
  4. Massive Addictive
  5. Digital World
  6. True
  7. Unreal
  8. Over and Done
  9. Danger Zone
  10. Skyline
  11. An Ordinary Abnormality
  12. Exhale
Album Review: Amaranthe - Massive Addictive
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