Album Review: Amanita Virosa – Asystole

The Finnish band „Amanita Virosa“ calls their sound even „Hospital Metal“ and this shines with supersonic guitar riffs accompanied by overwhelming drums and vocals, hits the nail on the head. „Amanita Virosa“ play Metal in its purest form. Vocally excellent, lyrically at a high level and the Music is just so horny, no neck this can remain calm and there probably closes the circle for „Hospital Metal“, because the sound Headbanging is announced until the doctor comes!

Amanita Virosa - Asystole

„Amanita Virosa“ come from Mikkeli, Finland and were in 2008 founded. Over the years, the band has matured into its present formation and approach today consists of Jere Korpela (Vocals), Tore Pedersen (Guitar), Pekka Paalanen (Lead Guitar), Juho Oinonen (Bass), Toni Moilanen (Drums) and Cantor Satana (Keyboards), who joined as a last resort to the troops. At the 12. June seems the debut album „Asystole“, which consists of nine tracks, with the necessary brutality come along and stories of hatred and sadness, mental distress, Despair and overcome, Tell lose and profits and so draws his listeners into the spell.

Who has now asked, what for „Hospital Metal“ is, so you can say after listening to this disc, that it is apparently a mixture of melodic death metal riffing, which comes along with a frantic pace, coupled with common vocals, as they are known in the Black Metal, combined with the majestic atmosphere of the Power Metal, These. All this results in an interesting mix, which often works fine, although there are now and then slip fit is not quite. Always again collide the sound elements, which usually just fits, yet the listener tough demands, when the almost romantic-sounding keyboards to supplement contradictory in accordance with the deadly growls to the expectations even more. Also on the guitar has much to offer, there should be, for example, the solo in the song „Drain My blood this earth“ necessarily listen!

Amanita Virosa

„Amanita Virosa“ know their craft and deliver with „Asystole“ a really successful debut from, with strong songs and a good sense of their own musical style. On the whole, the song structures follow a certain scheme and show a good sense of the Song River, although the sound of a particular melody changes from time to time. „Asystole“ adventurous, dramatic, furious and grabs the listener from the beginning and leads him into the way of stylistic „Hospital Metal“, like you've never heard before it this way by a band. Clear is also, that each of the six members has a different taste, which is also reflected in the songs. 6 ways to feel, 6 ways to create, 6 ways to express. „Amanita Virosa“ have with their debut „Asystole“ embarked on an unconventional way and who in a special, metaloide sounds is, the album should definitely set!

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  1. Life in Mortam
  2. My Slightest Hope
  3. …Of Failing
  4. Drain My blood this earth
  5. No Life King
  6. Dead Inside
  7. Mental Failure
  8. Suck the Poison
  9. Dead Body Love
Album Review: Amanita Virosa - Asystole
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