Album Review: Alpha Tiger – iDentity

Ironically start with the European anthem Freiberg „Alpha Tiger“ her new album, but anyway, the quintet seems now with „iDentity“ to have its own identity found. The third album is finally want to sound like, otherwise it will always wanted. Goods debut and successor somewhere between „Iron Maiden“ and „Queensryche“ located - which in the fandom arrived extremely well - sound „Alpha Tiger“ on "iDentity" after „Alpha Tiger“. The band is called the self: „the comfort zone leave“ and no better way to describe it hardly, for here is made significantly more right than wrong. „Alpha Tiger“ have their own DNA found.

Alpha Tiger - iDentity

If you really want to draw cross-references in the present case Silberling, you can still include the Queensryche early phase, as the Seattle metallers actually still Metal have played. Also remember the vocals of Stephan Dietrich to Edguy, but this certainly is not the worst criticism. The front man is the one, who has obviously worked most on and so versed sings like never before, despite permanent acting in the highest pitches. Rewrite the whole thing can be cryptic as melodies driven Metal, both technically and compositionally play the limits for Progressive Metal always has sight, but never exceeds. „Alpha Tiger“ Dirk are free (Bass), David Schleif (Drums), Alexander Backasch (Guitar), Peter Langforth (Guitar) and Dietrich Stephan (Singing).

Alpha Tiger

Already at the beginning it shows clearly, that you are not satisfied with half measures are. The opener „Lady Liberty“ was in February 2014 released as separate single and even then it made clear, that is, to develop their own style. A very good start. The following „Scripted Reality“ shines through socially critical text and more complex song structures, but unfortunately lacks something of the liveliness and explosiveness, the one in „Lady Liberty“ has not received, the riffs but the bull's eye. Musically, they found themselves, the boys have matured lyrically and try to show today's ills, instead of clichés.

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Alpha Tiger - Lady Liberty (Official)

With more experimental pieces like „Long Way Of Redemption“, that comes with castanets and keyboards and synthesizers, „We Won’t Take It Anymore“, that polyphonic passages and includes „Closer Than Yesterday“, one tries to emancipate themselves. „Shut Up & Think“ with speed metal attitude and „Revolution In Progress“ beginning with his driving are rousing anthems and power „This World Will Burn“ is a mid-tempo as he is in the book. On the strengths of previous publications we have not only retained, has expanded it! The riffs are more playful, the choruses are catchy and yet generously enriched with transition shouts and polyphony and the unique selling proposition, the voice of Stephan Dietrich, even further to the fore.

Alpha Tiger

Compared to the previous sounds „iDentity“ compact and played more to the point. Challenging arranged, but each time the melody as a starting point, provided with socially critical lyrics, the bands of the 80s- and 90s in nothing. „Alpha Tiger“ do it, both rapid, to create flawless metal songs, to shake casual intense mid-tempo hits such as the title track and the catchy "We Will not Take It Anymore" from his sleeve or a band in context rather unusual power ballad arranged („Closer Than Yesterday“) to inspire, before with the nearly seven and a half minutes long and varied „This World Will Burn“ the album is finished.

Alpha Tiger

Was in the albums already released always the biggest criticism, that the origins and influences of the band were apparently formed their own material, it has now, after three years their own style, developed its own identity. „iDentity“ production technology is up to date, Tommy Newton (which already Helloween'S legendary „Keeper“-Produced albums) the disk has a clear, powerful, awarded but also charmingly retro-oriented sound. Compared to naive and charming debut and „Beneath The Surface“ affects the sound a bit more direct and ultimately much more professional and shows, how the band has evolved with incredible panache and quality. You can tell immediately, that, what concerns the writing of songs, A lot has learned.

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ALPHA TIGER - We Won`t Take It Anymore (official video)

„Alpha Tiger“ are still „Alpha Tiger“, However, the new album seems much more mature and sophisticated. At the points, in which the predecessor still too upset, were too flat and too energetic, sets „iDentity“ an. The band focuses on this album their strengths and shows no discernible weaknesses. „iDentity“ stands for 50 Minuten astreinen Heavy, Power and Speed ​​Metal. The five young Saxons have it (again) managed and throw early in the new year a contender for album of the year on the market. However, unlike for example bands like „Paradise Lost“ or „Metallica“, took the music throughout their careers branches, where they would rather followed the main road, have „Alpha Tiger“ continued to develop positively. „Alpha Tiger“ deserve every encouragement, simply because they are exactly the Music play, they love. This alone should be enough argument, at „iDentity“ his listeners and to give maybe his coal.

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  1. Intro
  2. Lady Liberty
  3. Scripted Reality
  4. Long Way Of Redemption
  5. Identity
  6. We Won’t Take It Anymore
  7. Revolution In Progress
  8. Closer Than Yesterday
  9. Shut Up & Think
  10. This World Will Burn
Album Review: Alpha Tiger - iDentity
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