Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

In August 1991 graced the elite of the heavy guitar sounds of Basel under the „Monsters of Rock“ and the name was for 50’000 Metal-Disciples to the program! Metallica then swept with (today banned) 110 Decibels through Joggeli, so that the main act AC / DC had despite wildly hampel ends Angus Young and a great show like a gentle breeze. Legends say, that Metallica still in 20 Kilometers away Roder village were heard. After more than 20 Years Metallica returned on Friday to Basel in Basel St sold out. Jakob-Park back and offset 40’000 Fans in Euphorie – and conjured up a dramatic change in the weather. So the show started with bright sunshine and ended in the truest sense of the word in a small storm. However, the audience did not seem to bother the storm in the least, on the contrary: Es war, as they sat thunder and lightning even more under current!

Ride the Lightning: Blitz, Thunder and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

After the absolute mudslinging on Sonisphere 2010 in Jonschwil, the organizational chaos, that finally the organizer bankrupt operation at Sonisphere 2011, also in the Basel Joggeli, and the Sonisphere 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bains, finally a thoroughly successful event with Metallica, Motörhead Slayer, found last Friday so the Sonisphere 2014 im Basler FCB St. Jacob Park, with Kvelertak, Airbourne, Alice in Chains and Metallica place. Metallica St. Jakob im, that a cause with history. The last time entered the American quartet in 1993 here on, the tour to the so-called black album, which catapulted the band from the top of the Heavy Metal scene in the ranks of the stadium bands and there they stay stubbornly since – despite weak albums, Line-up changes, Alcohol problems and a documentary film, which showed the band with a therapist during such a dissection of one's own psyche. After the Black album was dead, and for me personally Metallica sold out and the Napster affair confirmed me in this thinking. But there was nothing, what the band-fan relationship could permanently damage and I was able to forgive the men and came up with St. Anger again on the taste.

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Metallica live in Basel Switzerland July 4 2014 - Ecstasy of Gold / Battery

In the audience on Friday clearly dominated Black, as befits a Metal(lic)-Concert also belongs. But it quickly became clear, here, too much mainstream is on the way: Visitors with plaid shirts and beige shorts, People with Föhnfrisuren and ladies and gentlemen in Germany Jerseys – what does not go to a metal concert. So be it, The main thing is true here and the technique was not spilled, but padded and that really: The stage is 110 Tons, about 14 Kilometers of cable were laid, 1200 People are at the day mentioned in the application and 55 40-Tonni LKW's karrten das Material Heran. Two crane lorries containing 60 Tons and seven forklifts were in constant use, 312 Meter trusses were assembled and eleven Nightliner brought musicians and crew on the scene. How could a band, the so hard Music plays, be one of the greatest rock bands ever? Just for comparison: Slayer and Anthrax, with since the eighties together Megadeth Metallica and the „Big Four“ Dec Thrash Metal Bilden, occurred a month ago at the Z7 in Pratteln together before 1500 People on. Unlike their companions Metallica wrote early even melodic and ballad-like pieces, but that alone can not explain, why tens of thousands flock to Metallica concerts. There must be another reason and called James Hetfield. He is one of the few frontmen, can fill a stadium with their aura. Legs he stands there, arise and be present with pal-like authority no doubt, Who's in charge.

Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

The Vorbands Kvelertak, Airbourne and Alice in Chains were still so flat out: The metal kings were in town and let everything fade other! Metallica Until the sound in the entire stadium was full groats and was not the bands justice. Damage! But then got going as Metallica after a brief construction phase the sound was extremely fat! Even the long-standing Intro „The Good, the Bad und the Ugly“ brought the crowd to romp more, than any up to this point proffered Song. The large stadium clock was covered with a black cloth and from the stage echoed the high-speed attack „Battery“ from the year 1986. It seemed, as Metallica wanted to stop time. At the latest when seamlessly attached „Master of Puppets“ from the same year Metallica sounded significantly better than six years ago in Jonschwil. The hands went up in the back rows high and the band lumbered out on a board after another. For ten years „new here“ ist Bassist Robert Trujillo, who had once fought for his place in the dense frequency spectrum of the band and the metallic rumble of his Fünfsaiters remained even audible, when Hetfield and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett pumped heavy riffs, as in the merciless „Ride the Lightning“.

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Metallica live in Basel Switzerland July 4 2014 - Master of Puppets (Sonisphere)

Hungry fever the amount against the titles, could be chosen in advance via online voting. „Metallica by Request“ is the motto of the current tour, which means, that the setlist in advance of any gigs by voting of fans via the Internet is determined and published. Service to paying customers, for he who has such materials prior to, presume to take no artistic freedom, but has to provide entertainment. The fan wants to hear hits, because that he is out of money and takes for the journey completely overcrowded extra trains, in which there are far too few toilets, in purchasing. Unfortunately, not all of the setlist via online voting was determined: During the concert, the audience was repeatedly asked three outstanding songs via SMS match. Of course, for 80 Rappen pro Stimmabgabe, what let drift off the event times in a really sleazy sales show.

Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

Thus, the appearance of Metallica between a concert to routine and an absolutely marginal sales show moved. A miracle could not participate even in an SMS sweepstake, with inane questions in the style of modern TV shows. This superfluous viewer interaction for Voting bugged uncommonly, as directed before the actual gig, the band members via video Einspieler to fans, in order to „Vote“ call. But there's, so let it be taking James Hetfield, even during the performance always to point back to this voting option, which he means a chic bar chart presented the very scarce scoreboard again and asked the fans, ihr „To give best“ - Was probably meant: Your Money. And even if Metallica played tired in Basel, not so likely every fan have become perfectly happy with this request concert. Given the chumming sellout show one wished for the evil force from the time before the black album back, which had at least an all-black soul.

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Metallica live in Basel Switzerland July 4 2014 - One

Apart from these annoying interruptions Metallica showed during the two and a half hour show usual routine. Accompanied by successful visuals and Video-Clips, which ran across LED wall, it past the band from the California Bay Area who desire custom setlist almost flawless down to the last corner of the stadium. Metallica played, which wished the audience and delivered solid work without fuss. The four guys from San Francisco played the 16 most requested songs and delivered as „Metallica to order“. The sound was outstanding, set but especially the pieces from the early years mainly on overwhelming sound walls. Over the entire width of the stage hung over a 360 Quadratmeter large LED-Wand, on not only the images of the musicians were to be seen from four different camera angles, as marching soldiers and skeletons on, it dripped blood, and it was offered a perfectly coordinated production. Die Lightshow war atemberaubend, drew crazy pattern on the ranks, sawed up the stage with bright laser beams and turned the crowd into a blood-red sea, from the only James Hetfield white stood out. He repeatedly sought contact with the fans, between his filthy laugh – even if that something came over rehearsed, the master let the puppets dance and again it went from the 56 Meter stage on the catwalk in the masses.

Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

When Metallica played the only new song of the night, ging is the: Under cover of darkness, a storm front had pushed over Joggeli, which now opened the floodgates. The first performance of the song, which is likely to appear on the new album, fell so completely into the water. It is „Lords Of Summer“ not sooo bad. With gallop rhythm and the change in the heavy half-time Metallica are indeed close to the self-plagiarism. All the same, Time, to fetch fresh refills, for the warranty during the week have been some efforts. Three semi-trailer with a total of 400 Pallets liquid were in the stadium ready. Five refrigerated trucks and five cold rooms cooled the drinks on five degrees, were added to the existing stands in the stadium additional 50 Through-flow cooler - hot as the mobile objects in the jargon - installed. In addition, it was not without a certain irony, that poured down rain from the sky for the summer just after this battle cry. After all, Hetfield knew to use the sudden change in the weather and adjusts itself for the duration of „Sad but True“ on the ramp in the pouring rain. That's solidarity with the fans, which sang along the catchy verses of the massive Shuffles full-throated. And it was not just Hetfield, Guitarist Kirk Hammet but also and bassist Robert Trujillo regularly on the web and did not let the fans alone in the rain, but stood with them in the rain and gave gas follows, that even the lightning, the above St. Jakob Park zuckten, were part of the production.

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Metallica live in Basel Switzerland July 4 2014 - Lords of Summer (Sonisphere)

During her appearance Metallica repeatedly emphasized their closeness to the fans, it as part of the „Metallica-Family“ or. consider fifth band member. This has also be expressed, that some fans were standing at the edge of the stage throughout the show. Somehow I lack the Snotty, everything „Love, Peace and Happiness“, the front man acts tamed. It can not be denied, that there was another man standing on the stage than two decades ago. Went from him at that time a rather threatening, Aura aus Dunkle, Hetfield admits now acts chummy. To some extent, as often as he in the songs „The!“ or „Kill!“ border - and that is no mean exactly rare, so often proclaimed Hetfield in his announcements „Metallica loves you, Basel“. I find it difficult, is to see no contradiction. Since Hetfield can provide as long demonstratively in the rain. Lightning flashed during the entire presentation across the sky and Hetfield, Hammet and especially Trujillo beat unperturbed one on their instruments. That's why is called this genre Thrash Metal. Thrash mit H. Not Trash, because that is not a waste but a Shredder, of all the garbage, of a messed up life, chopped and crushed, remains until only a feeling of numbness and redemption. Guter Thrash Metal wirkt wie Meditation, or something like that…

Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

Was only towards the end „Nothing else Matters“ and immediately afterwards „Enter Sandman“. The audience was never suspended and these songs hung it up again to get in there. Hetfield would have the „Sing it!“ can save in front of the chorus, Metallica-pack made by themselves with and with an enthusiasm, the self, the endorphin-addicted FCB stadium rarely experienced. „St. Anger“ Opened the Goodies, a relatively new piece, that probably one of the harder the band's history. Then played the gentlemen elected by SMS Song, in Basel, the audience decided „Orion“ until then „Seek & Destroy“ was released. Once again it flashed fiercely in the sky, then passed the tape. The last piece played Metallica shortly after eleven, while the stadium was already burning every available lamp. That probably was not because, that they wanted the musicians show their pflotschnasses audience, but the fact, that the curfew applies in Basel for rock gods.

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Metallica almost gone with the wind - Heavy thunderstorm hitting during "Sad But True"

All in all, it must be noted: Metallica halt. Two and a half hours of world-class. The four exceptional musicians are by now more than 30 Years of stage presence not only technically unbeatable, but seemed to have a really good day in Basel. At least they gave the impression, that they had the mood for each song, they played. And how they played this: Hetfield joined his guitars more often, as other people have their panties in a week. There was also a simply superior sound, powerful, cutting, clear, absolutely pure in the ballads, which mixed the band sent between the thrashy songs and so once took the air out, to give immediately the gas again. The fact that the fans the song selection every night of the „By Request“-May redefine Tour, is ultimately not much more than a publicity stunt. Finally, consists in this online voting always the taste of the masses against the insider wishes by. Given the results of voting headlined a great German Metal magazine recently „Your slowpoke!“ , referring to the fans. However, it will be interesting, What the marketing department of the band around James Hetfield can still come up with anything. After Metallica recently been media coverage played a gig in Antarctica (Antarctica), everything seems to be possible in terms of marketing. Here are some suggestions: „Titanica – Drown’em all“ or „Desertica – Meet the Sandman“. It may be gevoted.


  1. Battery
  2. Master of Puppets
  3. Welcome home (Sanitarium)
  4. Ride the Lightning
  5. The Unforgiven
  6. Creeping Death
  7. Lords of Summer
  8. Sad but true
  9. Fade to Black
  10. …And Justice for all
  11. One
  12. For whom the Bell tolls
  13. Whiskey in the Jar
  14. Nothing else matters
  15. Enter Sandman
  16. Encore:

  17. St. Anger
  18. Orion
  19. Seek & Destroy

Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review

Ride the Lightning: Flash and Metallica in Basel St. Jakob-Park, Concert Review
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