Album Review: Abandon Hope – Settle The Score

Bands of America have long since no longer have a monopoly on groovy, dirty Southern rock, denn moderner Heavy Metal, with Southern rock impact, also comes from the German Münster! Of groovende Quartett „Abandon Hope“ but certainly originates from the southern corner of the city. Somewhere between the local whiskey distillery and a campfire site, where you can hang out in the warm summer night into, at, accompanied by the sound of chirping crickets, unpack the guitar. The campfire is then flattened and sometimes fast and smashed the acoustic guitar on the tree. Because „Abandon Hope“ rock and the enormous. Since much of the deep-'s inside gloomy, schwermetallisch-eschatological salvation of whiskey „Black Label Society“. At „Abandon Hope“ already sounds the band name gloomy and so is the atmosphere, what the album „Settle The Score“ common.

Abandon Hope - Settle The Score

Although the band has been active for more than ten years, presents the current work „Settle The Score“ only the second publication of the next EP „Existence“ give. And the debut „The Endless Ride“ has already whopping eight years under his belt. „Settle The Score“ is generally considered a properly produced disc, the number of iterations needed, because you are a little confused at first. You do not get rid of the idea, that here might show off several bands, for influences of Zakk Wylde, Life of Agony, Danzig, Soundgarden, Panther, Alice in Chains, Clutch, Orange Goblin und Co. can not be denied. But these are not the scale, but only the inspiration of the band. For surely reach „Abandon Hope“ not the quality of these quantities, but could not get the special effect on a song to stay and depart, reach them all.

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Abandon Hope - Sally (official video)

On „Settle The Score“ tighten the four musicians going, as they would have to foot a bill. In general, the varied guitar work of Waik on this album like it very much. The groaning-roaring riffs sound dirty, but flutschen „oiled“ and whip the tunes forward properly. The skins of drummer Alex are tightly stretched and Hommel singer sings pleasantly rude. Although a little getting used to, as these at first impression „unclean“ acts, as if he would make the sounds not correct. Probably standing here – As with the Music - Probably the transport of emotions and to necessary expression of the voice in the foreground, as always the „right“ To make pitch or keep. But I can understand, when the one or the other might enjoy the music of „Abandon Hope“ diminishes.

Abandon Hope

Schon im Opener „Right Or Not“ lifts off the vocals in the chorus in an upward Schlenker. Also „Catharsis“ starts beguiling dampfwalzig and can later density and pressure vary, if it is melodious singing and also in the solo Lines. Also „Jackyll & Daniels“ goes with a wild start in a supported, atmospheric chorus, and quite solidifies the very end of the song as cold expectant Lava. At the top of the balancing act succeeds in but „The Core“, a highlight of the album: Only neckbreaking head shaker, then halluzinös-quiet, in grungiger, tough gloom. Later you drive a little further down and adds deep piano sounds. Complexity dominate Abandon Hope So. So suppressed „Sweet Surrender“ efficient the pace and „The City“ is really noise and distortion in the chorus-heavy doomy on the voltage curve. Positive striking are the two pieces, to which we also published videos: „Sally“ is a kind of „Powerballade“ and may sometimes have been on a Nevermore disc. And then there's the title track stands „Settle The Score“ out, is unpacked sooooo slow…

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Abandon Hope - Settle The Score

The album sounds like the bottom line is still too often to be expected, after you have figured the direction and overall oomph does not serve up bands like Black Label Society said. Nevertheless, a fine thing and you can hear the guys, that this music is exactly, what they want to do. „Abandon Hope“ make here a lot more right than wrong. The music is rocking violently from the speakers, the sound is earthy but not too mushy. The songs are varied to act without any stylistic. The music speaks much more the feeling center in the belly of, as the fine synapses in the brain. But it just feels right and good to. „Settle The Score“ is an album, in which the listening pleasure is paramount.

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  1. Right or Not
  2. Catharsis
  3. Turmoil
  4. The Core
  5. Settle the Score
  6. Jackyl & Daniels
  7. Memories
  8. The City
  9. Sally
  10. Sweet Surrender
Album Review: Abandon Hope - Settle The Score
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