Run Baby Run – Stop-motion animation from the 3D printer

Pretty cool and also quite expensive thing They were Amir has created since. The idea is of course very easily seen through, But as the baby because his arm through the area swings, is very, very funny…

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Hereinafter Making-Of-Video shows Amir, that really Elaborate probably been photographing the backgrounds.

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RUN BABY RUN - making-of video

Arc Bicycle: Bicycle steel from the 3D printer

The possibilities, provides 3D printing, seem limitless. A team students of TU Delft has now brought a fully functional bicycle from the 3D printer. is The special thing, the frame of the Bikes is made of stainless steel. Thus, the team wanted to prove, that this material is suitable for use in the 3D printer. As a Making-Of-Video shows, breaking the bike in no way under the weight of people together. On the contrary, it does not even have problems with cobblestones in downtown. Here, the bike weighs less than 20 Kilogram. Technical assistance received by the students MX3D, a startup based in Amsterdam, specializing in multi-axis 3D printing. Therefore, the company has developed robotic arms, that function as printer. So they can just middle of the room Print and need no other equipment.

3D printing has exploded in popularity in the last decade but for those wanting to print medium to large scale objects, there are still significant limitations in the technology, ” explains team member Harry Anderson – industrial design student at RMIT university, Melbourne. “This method of 3d printing makes it possible to produce medium to large scale metal objects with almost total form freedom.

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Arc Bicycle | 3D-Printing stainless steel

The largest Rubik's Cube World

An ordinary Rubik's Cube consists of 3×3 fields. YouTuber corenpuzzle that was not enough and he has tinkered a Rubik's Cube by 3D printers, of 22×22 Fields is large and made of 2691 Share is…

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22x22 rubik's cube World Record

The ultimate Batman Cosplayer

cosplayer Julian Checkley has this absolutely magnificent Arkham Origins Batman-made suit and I must say, that is probably the best Batman costume outfit I've ever seen and the photographs of Kamil Krawczak make the performance perfect! The whole outfit was the way with the 3D printer Kevin Force printed, painted and assembled in the course of about one month.

The ultimate Batman Cosplayer

Flying Gun: Self-built drone aircraft cannon

YouTube user has just Hogwit 14 Published second movie, showing a flying flying platforms with mounted thereon gun, which delivers multiple shots in a wooded area of ​​low altitude. The aircraft begins the recoil of gunfire doing surprisingly well, and seems to come at any time into an uncontrolled flight condition. Scary and work of a 18-year-old.

A semi-automatic pistol on board a Quadkopters? According to the brief description of the Video on YouTube is a self-built UAV with a length of approximately 66 Centimeters (26 Customs) „from the mouth to tail“. When the weapon it should be a semi-automatic pistol. More details are to learn. In YouTube channel Hogwit otherwise nothing spectacular to find, except an incident, in which Hogwit apparently attacked physically by a passerby, the accused, to have filmed with his copter secretly people on the beach. This incident and the subsequent trial, in which the attacker was sentenced, was the intelligence service at the time Forbes worth more detailed messages. This should be clear, Who is behind the pseudonym Hogwit: The now 18-year-old American Austin Haughwout, a teenager, who likes to play with his camera copter and harmless Movies rotates.

The more the video snippets coincides with the Schiesskopter out of the frame. It's difficult to say, whether the film is genuine or a fake. It is also strange, that is subject to the shooting video of Note, one should in „License issues“ contact - a Website, which specializes in the viral distribution of videos on the net. That speaks neither for nor against its authenticity. If it should, however, be really genuine, is to be feared, that Austin Haughwout his innocence lost has and rearming with the help of his obviously strong technical skills his model aircraft Park. A frightening development.

The booming international Maker movement is not just hobbyists, Artists and reformers - even crypto-anarchist groups consider themselves to. They want to abolish state power monopoly, inter alia by way of technical means such as cheap 3D printers and CNC milling. So spread about the US group „Defense Distributed“ in the name of this ideology Tools, Open source print templates and instructions for building homemade firearms without state control. In the US, the construction of such a weapon is legal in certain circumstances - in our latitudes, however, the production of each essential part of a weapon is prohibited, as long as you do not have a „Weapons manufacturing license“ has. The example possess professional gunsmith.

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Flying Gun

3D printers rebuilt for tattoo

The French design studio Appropriate Audiences has a MakerBot 3D printer transformed into a precise tattoo. Is printed with up to 150 Pinholes per second, the printer follows the contours of the body parts. Fascinating, yet I have to somehow „In the Penal Colony“ think of Kafka. Well…

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Build yourself your own, Wolverine claws automatic

Now everyone has their own Wolverine like claws build thanks to the Wearable Muscle sensor platform. The project is located on Kickstarter, but already fully funded. The tutorial to own claws to build on Find Makezine. In order to serve the bearing claws, you should allow some time for their assembly. Many of the parts must be printed with a 3D printer, the data it can Downloaded GitHub will. In addition, some electronics is required, make it work, not only off by simply tensing the muscles, the claws, but also retract again.

Our tutorial will teach you to build bionic claws using our fourth-generation muscle sensor, the MyoWare. Simply flex your forearm muscle and *SNIKT*, a fraction of a second later the 4 inch claws extend out. Relax your forearm to retract the claws. We’ve even added a muscle-activated locking mechanism in case you want the claws to stay out without keeping your muscle flexed.

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MyoWare™ Bionic Claws


This cartoon has 521 Fingernails from the 3D printer to star…

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Streettoolbox: The stamp for bikes

Pierre Paslier, Oluwaseyi Sosanya and Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez had a very cool idea. The three have a stamp for bicycles tinkered, where the letters come from the 3D printer, then tied with cable ties to the back wheel and powered by an ink pad with color. Who wants to build something yourself, this can be based this guide. Have fun „stamp“ go…

“Revolution” turns your bike wheel into a rolling stamp. The stamps are 3D printed letters to clip on your wheel with a cable tie. Push the inking roll against the wheel to ink the letters and leave your message on the pavement. You can easily customize and 3D print all the parts you need.

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Revolution - Streettoolbox

Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

These beautiful Fibonacci-Zoetrope sculptures has brought from his 3D printer John Edmark and who has a 3D printer at hand, takes on Instructables the instructions.

These are 3-D printed sculptures designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotation speed is synchronized to the strobe so that one flash occurs every time the sculpture turns 137.5º—the golden angle. If you count the number of spirals on any of these sculptures you will find that they are always Fibonacci numbers.

For this video, rather than using a strobe, the camera was set to a very short shutter speed (1/4000 sec) in order to freeze the spinning sculpture.

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Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures

Paper airplane submachine gun from the 3D printer

The paper airplane specialist Dieter crown has a device on the machine guns format built, folds the paper to airmen and shoots. To build its paper airplane submachine gun crown has used inter alia the inner workings of a cordless screwdriver, Most items come but from the 3D printer. Now we finally have but a compelling reason to buy a 3D printer. We already knew always, that 3D printers will change the world… ;)

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Paper Airplane Machine Gun / Papierflieger-Maschinenpistole

Videotrick: The planet effect with 6 GoPros

Photographer Jonas Ginter was looking for a camera trick, the photo-art „sphärisches Panorama“ calls, in which the object moves as on a small planet, but Ginter wanted to implement this as a film effect. After years of tinkering, it was 6 GoPro Cam and a homemade bracket out of the 3D printer, which made the planets effect possible…

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360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras - spherical panorama timelapse

Takee 1 is to be the world's first holographic Smartphone

The following Video shows the alleged smartphone with its holographic functions. It will be the first smartphone of its kind and is vaguely reminiscent of the Fire Phone from Amazon, which has similar functions. Das Takee 1 is to be equipped with four front cameras while recording the user's face, so that the depth effect is has something to contribute. The camera on takee 1 it should also be possible, To scan things and then present them as 3D objects and it should be passed on to a 3D printer with the device to be easily possible – was an das Google Project Tango recalls. In addition, the manufacturer shall manipulating holographic images to be possible, then hover over the screen of the smartphone.

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Penis Wall

Peiqi Su, Studentin an der New Yorker „School of the Arts“ created with their 3D printer a wall full of penises, which also matches the Music can move. Of course, this work of art is not meant for everyday household use… – wherein, when this cock would not fidget so nervous, this construction would make quite good as a dressing room. Hmmm, a few dildos are quickly worried, I'm off tinker:)

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Interacting With Viewer

Tattoo of the 3D printer

All, the circles, Want to have triangles and other polygons on their limbs, can get tattooed by this 3D printer. The device can apparently only simple geometric shapes, which could certainly come in handy especially hipsters. Until the unit matured to the Starship Troopers-larly is, but should still take a few years, why tattoo artists, have made it a bit of it, first not have to fear for their jobs…

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