The video game was made by a 29-year-old Syrian, who lives in Istanbul. Opposite BBC told the man, occurs for security reasons only under the pseudonym Samir al-Mufti, that he did it as easy as possible want to make many of his friends had fled to Europe, said the Syrians. „As I've talked with them, I could get an idea about, what they have been through and the risks they have taken upon themselves.“ One of his best friends had drowned in the sea on their way to Greece. This event was the decisive factor for the Video given. Muftis personal history has also influenced the development of the video game. The 29-year-old fled 2011 from Homs, where the Syrian civil war raged particularly violent. Two of his brothers were killed, whereupon the family settled in Turkey. Now attempts from Mufti of Istanbul, draw attention to the problems of his compatriots. He is well known as a harsh critic of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a name.

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