The Horror Stung is a joint production of Rat Pack and XYZ Films, in the director's chair Benjamin Diez took place and in a supporting role is Daniele Rizzo as Larry to see. Based in Cologne and Berlin Daniele Rizzo was especially known for his Clipfish videos. With his interviews he was able to draw attention in particular through its creative costumes on his comedy talent, for matching the respective film he takes on disguises and so interviewed Hollywood stars. The plot of Stung:

Mrs. Perch (Eve Slatner) organized like every year a chic Garden Party in their secluded villa in the countryside. Actually, everything is like always, but then running the illegal imported fertilizer plants and a resident insect species turns into two-meter killer wasps. clear, that these mutations did not take long before the hard stop society and the attempt falls, stop the attacking beasts, the catering staff Paul (Matt O’Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook) to.