Gutterdämmerung“ is a new rock'n'roll / Film / Gig concept of Belgian-Swedish visual artist Bjorn Tagemose and reminiscent of a silent film from the twenties. Instead of piano music, the strip is, however, accompanied by music from a live rock band.

In Gutterdämmerung God saved the world from sin, by the humanity „Devilish Holy Grail of sin“, the guitar, has removed. The Earth has thus turned into a puritanical society, where there is no room for sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll are. From heaven takes the punk angel Vicious (Iggy Pop) bored note of this and throws the guitar behind the back of God back to earth, so can resurrect all the sins of the world again. A devilish priest (Henry Rollins) manipulates a naive girl, to get him the guitar and to destroy them. The girl is on her own and has to deal with the worst rock'n'roll Bastards World, lousy opponent, which make her life hell.

So much for the story, in which as mentioned Iggy Pop den Engel Vicious, the catalyst of the History, plays. God had left his punk angel at heaven, Now humanity is tested and how it looks, Vicious is not ready, as he ascends into the divine part of the sky.Grace Jones is the only person, capable, catching the testosterone of Rock'n'Roller. She is the ultimate nemesis, an African deity from hell. A beautiful, but dangerous face, the will probably see most last in their lives. Henry Rollins mimes a diabolical priest, acting as lousy Hintermann.

Gutterdämmerung - Poster

Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal) plays a bounty hunter, who kills for money. In Gutterdämmerung he works for the very people, he abhors in real life - namely,, the use of a sham morality as suppression. Lemmy Kilmister plays a loopy General, commands the armed Panzer Division. Tom Araya (Slayer) plays the mysterious messengers of darkness, allegedly „light“ will bring and the canvas is under fire. Volbeat (michael & Rob) swap their guitars against flamethrower, to pass the apocalyptic battle of Gutterdämmerung. Mark Lanegan (ex-Queens Of The Stone Age) plays the Gravedigger, which strikes our heroine Juliette and must bother with strange visitors, wishing his soul, resulting in psychedelic consequences. Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) has the guitar laid down and takes place the death with his Bazooka, poetically called the „Supremacy of Death '“. Justice (Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Augé) quickly find out what happens when you touch the sacred guitar - probably no good? Slash starts the search for the „phallic instrument of external torment“ - As a thief in the Night, but with the cool style of rock'n'roll ghost. and Nina Hagen has a sudden and unexpected appearance as a High Priestess of Punk.

Kevin Armstrong, his character English rock guitarist, Record producer and songwriter, is the musical director of Gutterdämmerung. He is especially known for his work with David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Morrissey. Die Live-Band, which is at every performance here, will play ausschliessßlich rock and metal classics, only give the film the right atmosphere and depth. at the 6. May celebrating the loudest silent film in the world „Gutterdämmerung“ im White Trash in Berlin Premiere. Doors open at 19 Clock, beginning at 20 Clock.