„Stoned“ ist ein Film über Aufstieg und Fall des legendären Gründers der Rolling Stones. Brian Jones, one of the greatest guitarists and rock visionaries of his time, was the icon of a generation, the sex, Drugs and rock music coined a new lifestyle. Nach den ersten Erfolgen mit den Stones zieht sich Brian Jones zunehmend auf sein Landhaus zurück und taucht in psychedelische Räusche und erotische Exzesse ab. Only companion at this time is the honest architect Frank Thorogood, to Jones an exceptional, between admiration and humiliation back and forth swinging relationship builds, until he finally 1969 drowned under mysterious circumstances in their own swimming pool. „Stoned“ focuses on the last months in the life of Brian Jones and thereby provides a fascinating, intoxicating portrait of the charismatic musician and wild departure Years of Rock'n'Roll.