No sooner has the strips started, jumbled already the first reviews and comments through the net. Those who remember the fun „star wars – Das Erwachen der Machtnicht frühzeitig verderben lassen will, can diesen Spoiler-Blocker für Chrome to install. Dieser soll anhand einprogrammierter Schlüsselwörter zuverlässig auf jeden Spoiler jump on each side and lock it. Diese App wird in nächster Zeit wohl viele Leben retten.

Force Block is safer than ever! Now, in addition to our standard pattern matching logic which requires a critical mass of related Keywords to initiate a block, we’ve added a handful of instant-blocking keyphrases, sourced from people who have seen the film via early screenings. One of our engineers took one for the team punching those in! Ironic, he could save others from spoilers… but not himself.

Star Wars Spoiler Blocker