Even before the appearance of the film the droid BB-8 is the new darling of the fans. The ball-Robot BB-8 „star wars 7“ is known to be no CGI effect, but actually real. When „Star Wars Celebration“ in Anaheim, California had the little droid along with R2-D2 even a Appearance on a large stage.


Now has ThinkGeek with Sphero the BB-8 controlled as smartphone Droid on offer for $149.99. The BB-8 is enabled device via Bluetooth and can my app on any iOS or Android Smartphone can be controlled. He also responds to voice commands and can virtual holographic Video project them messages and has its own personality, which means that the droid automatically learns, how to interact with it. Say BB-8 has a mind of its own and develop as a unique entertainment. The real BB-8 „Star Wars 7“ is actually a whole bit larger than the „Star Wars Sphero BB-8“. During the Sphero droid circa 11,5 Centimeter measures, is the film version about knee high. This also applies to the version of the BB-8 which can tinker together can. But I do not too much effort, I got me a ordered:)

star wars: BB-8 Smartphone controlled for sale