Jürgen Kaiser has published a one-hour stop-motion short film, on which he probably developed and several years 37 volunteer, including voice actors, Programmers and 3D artists, cooperated. a „Star Trek“-Short in stop-motion from Germany! I must say, I so far unfortunately could only look short film. If I find something more time, could be a really nice evening program, because I'm sure, that Jürgen will have invested a lot of heart and soul, to let it be possible great.

After the first part „The Zeitenspiegel“ returns the crew of the Enterprise under Captain Jonathan Archer in a reality back, which does not run on the time line known to them. In "The Beginning of the End" fight the species of the future federation to a cybernetic life form, which wants to destroy all organic life. A destructive force attacks the universe. The enemy is strong and pursues its objective to not visible manner. The crew with Trip and T'Pol gets help from the future. A previously unknown type of communication allows a connection through space, Time and trust barriers.