In Saskatchewan, Canada is recently the last flap to secretly wacky sequel to the Action-horror-Hits „Vampire Nation“ (Stake Land) fallen. Again Nick Damici beat (We are what We are), who also contributed the screenplay and co-star Connor Paolo nights with bloody battles against vicious bloodsucker around the ears. Director but no longer led this time Jim Mickle, but Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, Creator behind the 2015 published Thriller „Body“. your Stakelander, so the official sequel title, set several years after the original to, but is again of Martin, fighting in this harsh reality for survival. Included are new faces this time as Abramsen (Basic Human Needs), AC Peterson (Shooter), Bonnie Dennison (Beneath), Kristina Hughes (Green River) and Steven Williams (Supernatural). The participation of Syfy Channel Stakelander will soon celebrate as Syfy Original Premiere.

Stake Land: Bloody horror hit gets a sequel