TRAILER the boxing drama „Southpaw“ we can experience, crashes like Jake Gyllenhaal from boxing Olympus to Hades, after his wife dies. In order to regain custody of his daughter, but he wants to give everything again.

So Jake Gyllenhaal emaciated for his role in Nightcrawler – Each Night has its price“ Was, now so muscular he presented himself as a boxer Billy Hope. But what catches Gyllenhaal in the film with his muscles actually at? As a left-handed junior middleweight champion Billy Hope life for him actually runs like clockwork: He has success in the ring, Wife and daughter and money without end. When his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) is killed in a tragic accident, Billy gets life but from now on the same from the web. He takes refuge in alcohol and Drugs, making it both his daughter, as losing his career and his money. Billy's last hope: The washed up ex-boxer Titus „Tick“ Wills (Forest Whitaker), wants to tease out the champion back from him.

For the writer of „Southpaw“ is „Sons of Anarchy“-Showrunner Kurt Sutter responsible, in the director's chair Antoine Fuqua has taken place, of a name with action-packed foods such as „Training Day“, „King Arthur“ and „The Equalizer“ has made. As he reflected as Boxfilm director, We learn later than 20. August, because then starts „Southpaw“ in theaters. Incidentally, was originally to star instead of Jake Gyllenhaal Rapper Eminem vorgesehen, which is now at least still represented on the soundtrack of the film.