Rap was not too long ago rebellious subculture and was and still is the voice of the oppressed. When the very first rap songs in the different countries you look at, Notes husband, because actually there more to it. In Iran Rap is more than deep underground and is still truly in the child Sneakers – and is Women anyway still always completely banned. „sounded“ not heed not care about this prohibition and rapping against the tide, Tradition and self-determination. She raises her voice in the fight against oppression, which is an extremely hard task as a woman in Afghanistan. The documentation „sounded“ is on 26. May come to the cinema and will tell the exciting story of the first Afghan female rapper.

„Several times tried Sonitas family, the girl to sell a bride, the first time she's ten years old. Sonita is Afghani and lives with her family in Iran – without money, unschooled, undocumented. But she balks at the plans of the family, raps against forced marriage and takes a protest video about selling brides. […] The touching and award-winning documentary „sounded“ the Iranian director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghamidie is a very intense portrait of the now nearly 20-year-old rapper and suffragette.“ (NDR)

(via TV set)