The problem of overpopulated cities are super skyscrapers made of carbon nanotubes and diamond nanowires and deeply built into the earth „skyscrapers“ to solve. Even underwater cities in the next century reality. Cars will then no longer exist, but personal drones, transport us and lead meetings with holograms.

For promotion of smart home appliances smart things Samsung has published a report. For the study, Smart Things Future Living the Korean smartphone maker has, for example, the expert on space science, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, brought the award-winning architect Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess and the Future-Living-town planner Linda Aitken and Els Leclercq aboard. The forecasts are accordingly current events, such as environmental conditions, population growth, have been made global warming or the exponentially increasing demand for energy.

Houses, Furniture and Co. will be manufactured only by 3D printing. The walls will be smart screens. And the Eating comes the future from the 3D printer. Meetings we will hold from home with the help of holograms and if any signs of disease occur, we must only occur in our personal capsule, that scans our entire body and created from afar a Diagonose and appropriate action initiates. However, we will no longer live only on Earth, but also populate the moon and Mars, according to Samsung's trial. But see for yourself, Samsung hat ein Video published his study:

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Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report