Since the end of August conquered the first season „Fear the Walking Dead“ the domestic screens, the Companion series to „The Walking Dead“, playing at a different time in a different location. Here we learn, as the people the onset of Zombie-have experienced Apocalypse. And for the apocalypse can be refreshingly much time. At least biter – At „Fear“ As „the infected“ known – make himself scarce at the beginning of the series. And that's just fine! The Zombie Outbreak threatens not only the survivors in „Fear the Walking Dead“, but also destroys the order of society. What follows are Anarchy, Chaos and PANIC. But at first glance probably few would associate the pictures of the new zombie series. If you because even still want to believe, that this so far very promising Companion series a little worn Serie actually to Zombies turns.

So ist Fear the Walking Dead

„Fear the Walking Dead“ illuminates a different time frame, bringing a new character with, but the rough history we know. The EH is almost identical in every zombie movie. Only in the new series, we see, as they slowly, very slowly unfolds and remains so for the viewer time, get to know the characters correctly. It is quite entertaining, observed, how clueless bypass the citizens of Los Angeles with the threat, because they completely underestimate the danger. The series takes place as mentioned in Los Angeles, only the first episode was filmed there but, the remaining in Vancouver, Canada. The decision, ever to turn in a big city, was also intended, to provide a contrast to the parent series. There we are more in rural areas and in the woods road. I even greet the change of location from the deep forest out in a very big city, where many more people, thus also potential Walker, encountered. And to begin slowly in the Apocalypse shows the true strength of „Fear the Walking Dead“!


It is extremely exciting to see how the blended family around Madison (Kim Dickens), her partner Travis (Cliff Curtis), the two teenagers-children Madison, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Nick (Frank Dillane) and Travis's ex-wife Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) and son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) he goes. The grandiose and sombre start 1. Episode with Nick, Madisons heroinabhängigem Sohn, waking up in an abandoned church, which is apparently a popular place for junkies, can expect a lot. Still completely by the wind he searches his girlfriend Gloria, but when he finally finds, awaits him the horror: The bloodstained girl is about, rumzuknabbern to someone and Nick remains nothing more than to escape, which is abruptly stopped by a car. Then it is much quieter in the narrative and recalls partially almost a Soap, when we think of the conversations with Nick in the hospital or Tobias, the smuggling and claimed a knife to school, that it was in his own defense. Or Travis, the really seems to have a big heart and from the accounts of Nick, what he has seen in the Church, sets off on this, abzuchecken to the situation there. Indeed, there's a lot of blood, All over… But no bodies.

Gloria, a young zombie lady from Fear The Walking Dead

The strange accident, Travis and Maddy staying on the way home occurs again later in connection with police violence in appearance. come the next morning namely always fewer students in the school, rumor has a dangerous flu virus is making the rounds and it is decided, that will now take place only half a day of school. In the staff room is meanwhile reported on the news of the accident yesterday and you are amazed not bad, as the injured party even after several shots standing up again. There is talk of police violence, which links the reference to current events in the States. Under the pretext, To get Nick a new heroin, Dealer Cal brings Nick to a secluded place, around him actually shoot. But Nick defends himself and kills Cal in self-defense. Maddy and Travis arrive, by Nick pick and he confesses them, what he has just done. His parents accompany him to the scene of the crime but - surprise - the body is no longer there. Nick is completely going crazy and the family is to begin the journey home the point, when suddenly emerges Cal. Travis and Maddy want to talk to him, but these attempts only, to Bite. Nick understands the only the seriousness of the situation and runs over Cal a few times. However, this proves to be very robust and is not to get so easily dead. After being incapacitated, see Maddy, Travis and Nick this creature up close and so ends the first episode of „Fear“.


After atmospheric start to the pilot makes the series right there next. Recently, the police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department are on patrol with cameras on the go. Attached to the body, these recorders are designed to guarantee, that feel observed in their work, the police, so the potential corruption an additional, advance psychological barrier. This has unfortunately become a sad necessity, especially after a sustained wave escalating police brutality in recent years. There is also a series of embarrassing incidents like the death of Walter Scott, the after a confrontation with a policeman arrived on the run several balls in the back. Moments later, the policeman drop an item, presumably a Taser, In addition to the dead Scott. These moments of Feidin Santana camera were detained, a random eyewitness. Only thanks to this evidence videos could occur a case against the police officers. It is one of way too many evidence Videos, which were necessary in the investigation of these incidents in recent years. Therefore it is not surprising, Chris in the second episode of „Fear the Walking Dead“ leaves in a mixture of curiosity and anger the bus, approaches the danger and wants to make himself useful with his camera.

So ist Fear the Walking Dead: My opinion on the first 3 Follow

A person lies dead in the street, scantily covered with a shroud. The police have cordoned off the street moderately. Eyewitnesses and pages dedicated people begin to protest. There are scenes, as they were too often transferred in recent months on the screens around the world. Another Walker added encounters and can be done quickly, but the situation escalates. People are beginning to riot and rage. Scenes, as they have recently played again in Ferguson, come to mind. Amidst this chaos may Travis his family, Incidentally, all people of color, remove from the danger and take refuge at a barber and his Latino family, while outside the security gates the riots be bloody. Los Angeles in the fire, Dark clouds of smoke rising above the city on. Whether they originate only from burning buildings or even of burned bodies, is uncertain. It would be too much of praise, when „Fear the Walking Dead“ would assume a well-articulated social criticism here. It is more about the real victims. The authenticity of these scenes gives these felt increasingly frequent incidents namely a newfound media Meaning. They are pushed into the mainstream, until they can no longer ignore.


While in the original series and Katana Machete effortlessly split skull, Tobias tried in vain, with his knife off his former headmaster. Even the zombies are for fresh. Verwehst Insufficient long. In the encounter with them you have to make sure not only first, whether they are actually already dead, because to my eyes and a hungry growl can namely only at most a little blood on the shirt of this suggestion, but also strike still significantly harder. This hardness is so far intensified, than that Walker still as people are to recognize, they once were. hesitation, which can decide in these difficult confrontations between life and death, explains the proliferation of Walker despite their obvious weakness movement. So gelingt es Autor Robert Kirkman und Showrunner Dave Erickson, to define the new Walker and lift the Companion series of his original. While the zombies only play the background music in the original series has long, offer maximum inspiration for Greg Nicoteros FX-Zombie-of-the-Week and force than brute force of nature, the figures for extreme action, Win in „Fear“ significantly to personality, Weight and metaphorical power back.


Generally a lot of talk, where we are again at the Soap. Some moments would cause a strong identification in its simplicity, they would not be interrupted by deadpan one-liners. But again and again finds director Adam Davidson impressive photos can speak volumes glances into the environment. In addition, he also has an eye for the bizarre this slowly told Apocalypse: So Alicia dressing even the floor of her parents' house, while her mother already organized, preserved and drugs for escape and can be explained by their prescient students the doomsday scenario. Composer Paul Haslinger underlines this musical absolutely great. His monotone humming in the background acts as a confirmation of the coming destruction, like the rumble of a Explosion, who nobody heard or really want to admit, which is nevertheless felt at any time.


Together with the authors creates Davidson far neither nauseating moments Jump Scares, but much more real and human moments. So the security measures in the school as the listening device and the metal scanner may cause a chilling warning effect, the effect is much more precious than a decaying corpse. That the subsequently discovered Walker in its current state does not allow demonization, can not cope Madison. It follows an emotional collapse. At the end of the second episode, the neighbors come mutually ago about. Madison could have warned them, did not, however,. Maybe you had a good relationship, but the innocence of the people is to be assumed at this point of the Apocalypse yet. „Fear the Walking Dead“ has a unique opportunity, to break the conventions of the zombie apocalypse, by is not only about the moral struggles over the pros and cons of survival of the survivors. Currently the fate of victims is much more interesting - and the brutality, which befalls them. Because now you can no longer ignore, because the threat affects everyone. That the fate of the victims is medially so become the focus, surprised and impressed. Yet the Walker are too few in number, to be considered as metaphors Romero'sche. In fact they are not even recognized as zombies. The decay has not yet started, a dehumanization of „Enemy“ can not be accomplished. And so retains „Fear“ the innocence of zombies and they can be seen as the, what they are: People.


Gradually, the figures will be aware, in the danger they. The series has found in its three episodes a very interesting niche, convincing, Genre fans but to despair. In painstaking discussions of the Apocalypse „Fear“ namely intelligent than the big sister series. As Rick Grimes after a few weeks 28 Awakes Days Later-style in the zombified posterity, are the Rules already established and clarified the fronts. Rick goes into shock, but he needs to quickly adapt to this new world, to survive. The fight for survival in this world is clearly defined. In contrast, leaves „Fear“ his characters even in the dark. The viewer knows, of course,, what this amounts. The exciting element so therefore not resulting from the question, if the world goes down. But from, like the characters in this meticulously told doomsday scenario react and handle it mentally. In the original series the figures hardly remains for time. Trauma can be realized most in breathers, but certainly not mastered. „Fear“ gives himself and his characters, however, the necessary time and shows the viewer by engaging POV shots, how the world could actually go down and making this knowledge with the figures increasing.

So ist Fear the Walking Dead: My opinion on the first 3 Follow

This is also reflected in the previously best moments of this series and is the grand case, the figures do almost nothing, they only watch. Do About the meaning of the uprising one can argue certainly, but implementation is undoubtedly strong. In running past the camera begins with a pivot to the ground a zombie a, of a police officer attacked. Amidst the crowd are individual zombies to see, the many close-ups allow the viewer no overview. The panic is palpable. Composer Paul Haslinger underlines the rocketing pulse of figures with his throbbing Music. At the hospital, Travis drives past at a slow pace, while people flee from the building and open police fire on individual Walker. Fantastic sequence! It is no great danger of a Horde from. Lightweight Running brings people to safety and there is still a safe distance from the first walking dead. Even Travis does not depress the accelerator pedal, to escape. It can be initially at walking pace the car roll, while they all recognize just, that there will be no more help. And despite the leisurely pace of the tension is unbearable. One can not look away. What's happening, is the collapse of the system. This is further depicts through the subsequent blackout in the Greater Region LAs. Again sets Director Davidson on close-ups, while the lights in the reflection of the windshield expire. In the face of Cliff Curtis may be read, as one would possibly deal even with this impressive image.

Fear the Walking Dead: Promo and Sneak Peek to episode 3

The power failure does not mean the downfall. not yet. Throughout the remainder of the episode, the current jumps repeatedly on and off. At the end of the Clarks say goodbye to their neighborhood, only, only to be rescued by the National Guard but. Effect 3 illustrates even better than the previous two episodes, as gradually fails civilization and that posterity fell not from now on equal to the figures. This gives them time to hope and also to help each other. „Good people die first“, weiss Daniel, the former owner of the barbershop to report. The gradual decline is exciting on a psychological level. Travis seems to become ever larger problem of group. He does not seem to be able to process, that Walker do not get sick, but are actually dead. Many viewers can ensure displeasure, He has finally now enough evidence with my own eyes. But „Fear“ freight, how people would actually react in a world without the concept of zombies and the zombie film on the confrontation with the living dead. In „The Walking Dead“ one can no longer deny the facts, but when one's neighbor is a zombie at the fence or in the living room, The situation looks different. Anyway, the risk in „The Walking Dead“ anyway so obvious, that you can not think only, or may. to Madison seems to adapt better than Travis to this situation. She is preparing for the worst case and also assured itself at Travis‘ Ex wife, that they will be freed from their eventual misery.


Daniels family, however, is still little interest and acts like Zombie Feed. However, it seems to have the necessary intuition and hardness, to prevail in the world can. He does not hesitate, shoot the Walker in the living room, Incidentally, a great splatter effect by Greg Nicoteros Team, and he referred to the reluctance of the Clarks as „weak“. If it this hasty judgment might repaid, if he must redeem his wife? Nicks addiction affects not really disturbing, but it is continuously exploited despite a good view and possibly make at the end of the season for the predictable death of a family member. Because the cavalry is, as we Knowledge, can not care for the preservation of civilization and at the end of the world will do collapse. Until then, the Clarks can do only, what we do well. To watch. How pounce neighbors about. As the dog is eaten. And as the lights go out. As wrestled control. As the house of cards collapses. „Fear“ finds incredibly great photos for its apocalypse and completely away from Gore and zombies. You have to look only!