One year after the first announcement the filming and post-processing are finally progressed, that Fuse Box Films first material from their Trash-Fireworks „Sky Sharks“ can imagine. And the promises, how could it at the movie title be otherwise, bloody madness churning: Director Marc Fehse (Sex, Dogz and Rock’n’Roll) power, modeled on the successful Sharknado series, namely also use of the flying sea creatures, upgraded the voracious killer machines but also with rockets and at least as deadly pilots - resurrected Nazi soldiers, which try with the latest technology as bloodthirsty hijackers. What sounds too crazy, to be true, is in the attached Trailer Now insane reality. Full length we get the trash spectacle then expected 2017 to see. In production with Nick Principe (Laid to Rest), Michaela Schaffrath, Robert Sardo, Lynn Lowry (The Crazies & Shivers) sets an ambitious geological team in the Arctic caves free, include the previously undiscovered Nazi laboratories. This modified sharks were to world conquest purposes bred, the fly in the situation and its rider mutated undead super people. Only an elite task force can still help, to save the Earth from certain doom.

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Sky Sharks - Official Trailer - 2016 - HD