The voracious sirens from the V / H / S-Post „Amateur Night“ by David Bruckner propose end of the year again. Chiller liked the idea of ​​the man-eating horror as good, that was allowed now unceremoniously produce a full-length version of the scary short film. In the first film clip titled Siren offshoot may Hannah Fierman, who has returned for her role as Lily, now biting powerfully for the second time and feast on their unsuspecting victims. was staged, the film by Gregg Bishop, got famous by „Dance of the Dead“ and its V / H / S Viral Short Film „Dante the Great“. The spin-off from the pen of author Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski tells the horror story about a bachelor party, gets the completely out of control, as a man-eating Monster hermacht in female figure on the celebrating company. Can they shake off the bloodthirsty sirens and its deadly Horror-missed curse?

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SiREN Movie - Chiller Films 2016