Antonio Bayona makes it to the end of his mother / child trilogy, to the well „The orphanage“ and „The Impossible“ belong, be again gloomy and dramatic. „A Monster Calls“ (this country Seven minutes after midnight) presents itself as „spectacular Mystery Drama“ on dealing with the loss of a loved one and is an adaptation of the fantasy youth book by Patrick Ness.

The little Conor (Lewis MacDougall) lives with his sick mother (Felicity Jones) and feels at school anything but well - some children hänseln Conor, others treat him because of his mother's illness kid gloves. And also at home everything seems only further aggravate, should he but precisely because of that disease soon to his strict grandmother (Sigourney Weaver) draw. As this would have been disturbing enough, is on top of that Conor always again plagued by nightmares. When he highly discourages one night again from such, has the tree outside his window suddenly in a gnarled monster (Voice in the original: Liam Neeson) transformed. This tells the boy finally three stories, to cope with a difficult task at the end of Conor: know the truth.