Liam Neeson is the Mystery Drama „Seven minutes after midnight“ (A Monster Calls) represented as a voice, stand aber für die Dreharbeiten nicht selbst vor der Kamera. Diesen Part übernahm diesmal sein digitales Gegenstück – ein haushohes Baummonster mit der Intention, einem verzweifelten Jungen über einen grossen Verlust hinwegzuhelfen. The following TRAILER the current director of labor „The orphanage“-Schöpfer J.A. Bayona bekommen wir den Riesen nun auch in voller Grösse zu Gesicht. The focus of the story is a Boy (Lewis MacDougall), takes refuge in eerie dreamscapes. It's seven minutes after midnight. like any Night Conor expect the Nightmare, the torments him, has been ill for his mother incurable cancer. But this time he encounters a being, that seems to know his secret fears. And soon realizes Conor, that it is the only friend, standing him in the hour of need to the side. Because he is torn by a question, he dares not even think. Is he allowed to his dying mother, he adores, release?

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A MONSTER CALLS Official Trailer #3 (2016) Liam Neeson Fantasy Adventure Movie HD