This Castle for Nutella glasses on Ebay is reality. Unfortunately, the auction has already ended, so I'm sometimes assume, that the locks are all sold out. It really is a good thing.

Soon the anger is over - Never again will you have to be wegfuttern from annoying roommates and family members their chocolate hazelnut cream ... a Invention, to which the world has been waiting.
An ideal gift for all Nutella fans.

Simply slide the acrylic glass cover over her Nutella, Padlock Hook and heard all the fun at the breakfast table them all alone.
In addition, you get 2 Key that can be passed on to Trusted People (as if someone would make)

Included in delivery:
1 Acrylglasabdeckung
1 Padlock included. 2 Key
The Nutella is NOT included

(fit on 450 g glasses and the "50 grams more" special action glasses

Security lock for Nutella glass