How it is, to get a Shitstorm, do not average Joe Internet User. Many companies know this feeling all too well against it. In a Documentation of ZDFinfo one has studied this phenomenon times closer and u.a for. replayed a fictitious Shitstorm at a fictitious company.

Earlier it was teased, bullied later, Nowadays breaks Shitstorm more or less Clueless in: Always more often, always malignant is in Internet gepöbelt, insulted and injured. It's the question Pöblern, ruining the dignity of human, to influence political opinion or attack journalists. Insults in the network to meet people, Business, Institutions - and this often abruptly, without warning.
The documentation „Shit Storm - And suddenly hates you the world“, the first time to see, answers the question: What happens to the person concerned, if a hate wave over them falls? How do these digital campaigns? And when we can speak of a Shitstorm ever?

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