as, to get a Shitstorm, do not average Joe Internet User. but many companies know this feeling all too well, however. in a Documentation of ZDFinfo one has studied this phenomenon and for times closer inter alia. replayed a fictitious Shitstorm at a fictitious company.

Earlier it was teased, bullied later, Nowadays breaks Shitstorm in more or less Unsuspecting: always more often, always malignant is in Internet gepöbelt, insulted and injured. It's the reason Pöblern, ruining the dignity of a human being, to influence political opinion or attack journalists. Insults in the network to meet people, Business, Institutions - and this often abruptly, without warning.
The documentation „Shit Storm - And suddenly the whole world hates you“, the first time to see, answers the question: What happens to the person concerned, if a hate wave over them falls? How are these digital campaigns? And when one can speak of a Shitstorm ever?