When a sex dolls provider and a robotics company get together is the rubber-Susi not longer simply in silence, in future sex dolls breathe their owners dirty thoughts in her ear. Matt McMullen has been under the label Real Doll 1996 More than 5000 sells personalized sex dolls. The replicas see some deceptively real and cost between 5000 and 10’000 $. Now the Gummipuppen provider has teamed up with the robotics manufacturer Hanson Robotics, to develop a speaking Sexpuppe. Ie, a first prototype of the project named Realbotix „Harmony“ and according to Mashable able, To operate Dirty Talk. Within the next few years Realbotix capita should reach the market, which can be placed the Real Doll Dolls. There are also plans a full-body Sexroboter, of 60’000 Dollar to be expensive. Well good luck gentlemen!

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