The Selfiestick has had its day! This handy drone makes airy self-portraits and fits in your pocket. Selfly consists of two components, the space-saving plugged into each other. One part is the drone itself, a Quadcopter, which is equipped with rotors and fold a camera. The second part is the basis, in which the smartphone is plugged. To launch the drone, works you deal this, start the app and go. the Kickstarter project „SELFLY Camera“ has already introduced more than enough, so Selfly already this summer will be available.

The drone technology has developed rapidly in recent years. The remote-controlled flying Robot have become affordable and it makes a Heidenspass, them through the air control. Without intervention Selfly remains in the air and shoot thanks to advanced technology stabilization smooth moving images. The drone can be controlled in different ways: Per virtual controller in the app and by tilting the smartphone, provided it has a built gyroscope function. Moreover, it should also be possible, Selfly commands „photo based initiative control“ give to. Here, the image section is corrected and the drone is flying according to the instructions. So it should be possible, with your fingers to zoom out and the drone flies back a piece.

Together Plugged measures Selfly 131 x 66 mm and is 9 mm dick. Including the inserted smart phone has the selfie drone about phablet-size. The following smartphone models are supported yet: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 more, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 more, Galaxy S6 Edge, galaxy 7, galaxy 7 Edge and Nexus 6. The integrated camera has 8 Megapixel and makes videos with 1080p @ 30fps. The movies can be streamed live. the Kickstarter campaign runs until the beginning of March, has its objective but already more than doubled. The price of the Selfly can preorder currently, is 99$. The developers point out, however,, that Selfly, with regard to the video stabilization, can not compete with high-end drones. Moreover Selfly has the same problem as other drones this generation: The duration of a battery is fairly limited. Five minutes manages the small sports car in the air, the larger, high-priced models come on after all 25 Minutes flying time. An extra power bank for Selfly has already announced, the ten battery charges can carry with them.