Scream, Squadron 2 - Poster

Long it will not be, we will face the next encounter with cult grimace Ghostface. He has in the television adaptation Scream - The series indeed changed visibly, but still beats always so mercilessly as in the cinematic tetralogy of Wes Craven. And even faster than expected: MTV has announced the launch of the second season brought forward and holds it now already on 30. May this year from. Fits to the station has now also a first teaser-Trailer made available, the clearly shows, that could as well as anyone behind the murderous masquerade. New additions include Santiago Segura, Anthony Ruivivar, Sean Grandillo and Karina Logue. They join the famous cast of Willa Fitzgerald (Emma), John Karna (Noah), Tom food (Jake), Tracy Middendorf (Maggie), Amadeus Serafini (Kieran), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Audrey) and Carlson Young. Season 2 begins with the return of Emma. Months after her treatment she tries to recover from the horrors of last season still. Around them one goes therefore expresses cautiously with the topic to. But Audrey can conceal their connection to the killer no longer and is harassed by someone, knows the truth.

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Scream (Season 2) | 'Killer Cast' Official Promo | MTV