Although the first season the ironic „Scream“-Feeling from the movies, especially the first, not really brought over, I liked this as well thought out and constantly exciting. But it was also very confusing and also, if you know, whosoever who killed at the end, still remained some questions unanswered. But it was nice. Very, very nice. Now starts at 30. May at MTV the second season, almost a year after the broadcast of the first season of based on Wes Craven's prestigious film series slasher series „Scream“. The killing goes on and so MTV and Ghostface to teach us again fear. The first 7 Minutes of the new season there straight away to see. Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) gets to do not only with mysterious text messages in the opening sequence, but must resist also a masked, of them followed by a cinema. Hanger of the first episode of season two is Emma's return to the supposedly peaceful Lakewood, where their friends are trying as gently as possible to deal with it. However, the murderous past of the place and dark secrets keep everyone in the tight grip.

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Scream: The TV Series | First 7 Minutes of Season Two | MTV