Thanks to HTML5 is homemade Music the browser not a rocket science more and so there is complete synths and beat machines, because a small „Sampulator“ not hurt. With the Sampulator one can namely small, arrange smoothe songs in the browser window. So that the Chrome browser is also really well recommended, but goes in the other. Who now so once the office wants to stir up with freshly blended beats from the browser, now has the opportunity to do. So friends, builds your beats and annoying colleagues tidy, if you happy on the keyboard composed a solo and it fills up with synth pads. Since the programmer Steven Doyle done really great job and also recorded the sample sources themselves. Here is an example with Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing Intro to. Slimmed it also works on your smartphone, but then no sequencer is. If you look at his twitter-logs account, you might as well save his songs. hach, what a pass office. Prokrastinieren can be so beautiful.

Sampulator: mixed beats from the browser itself