A traumatized Vietnam veteran, just wants to be left alone, is patronized by urban dwellers. Als er gerade die Stadt verlassen will, comes down to a bridge to the first confrontation. no, we are not talking of „Rambo“, but Ruckus. However, the similarities between the two stories are striking. Surprising, that Ruckus is the original and the copy of Rambo. And Ruckus does have its qualities, because it is one of the best trashy B-Movies, I know. The stunts are solid, the effects cheap (but nice) and also the humor, although mostly involuntary, not too short. The cast list is quite impressive. Linda Blair (the Exorcist), Richard Farnsworth (The Straight-Story), Hollywood veteran Ben Johnson and Dirk course „Faceman“ Benedict (das A-Team, Kampfstern Galactica), However, the sold here far below value, since it is the role of silent lone fighter just not predestined.

than „Hippie“ Kyle Hanson comes in a small town, attempts by the middle class residents, again to chase him out of town and miss him a lesson. But she did not expect, that it is an old Vietnam veteran in Hanson, of enough combat experience brings, to turn the tables and make the stupid game of the residents bloody Ernst.