Star Wars Rogue One – Poster

I like the brand new TRAILER to „“ and I like, that everything looks pretty varied, you see so many different areas, and also, that all this somehow round and impressive acts. The lying stone type with lightsaber's just a really nice touch and anyway makes a very solid impression. Lots of new shots, Flashbacks with JyN Erso (Felicity Jones) as a child, gigantic ex-Jedi Statues in ruins and Father plows through the scenery! If horny. But how much remains of the grim war movie after Disney fixation by the now completed reshoots, we will see at Christmas. The cast is pretty great and the soundtrack also…

The story of Rogue One play before 1977 published „star wars episode IV: A New Hope“. In the center of the narrative is a Boy rebel group, which fights against the empire and trying to prevent the construction of the Death Star. Together with shady bounty hunters steal the rebel plans of the new superweapon and fall in the crosshairs of the oppressive empire around Darth Vader.