That in Japan television advertising in our view is sometimes a bit misleading, therefore,, the interested reader knows the crypt already. Something does not understand you, but sometimes the highly concentrated accumulation of speed and image density is only impressive. Und häufig sogar ziemlich witzig. This time comes the commercial for NTT Docomo, einem der grössten Funknetzprovider Japans. In this clip we see two Japanese Women, dedicate themselves to the particularly rapid preparation of fried shrimp. Dafür wurde eine Kanonenkonstruktion gebaut, the shooting device, combined automatic breading and quick grilling. In just three seconds, the snack is ready. Sprichwörtliche Raketenwissenschaft für Gourmets. That it is in the Advertising comes to fast LTE network, hätte man sich fast denken können

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「3秒クッキング 爆速エビフライ」篇