is finally Murder World is opened! Rob Zombie provides another vision of horror and takes us to the Trailer to „31“ in the deep turns his handmade Hell. After appearances in „The Devil’s Rejects“, „Halloween“ or „House of 1000 Corpses“ is Sheri Moon Zombie, this time even on the side of the helpless victims and must do everything, to get you through the horrors of the so-called Murder World. She is one of those five unfortunate people, the abducted during Halloween here and to participate in the torture game „31“ are forced. Torsten Voges (8MM), Elizabeth Daily (Bad Dreams, One Dark Night) and Judy Geeson (Lords of Salem, challenged), the executor, dressed as clowns psychopaths, the Murderworld, however give anything, so it does not come to that. comes over Tiberius film 31 soon to us, Unfortunately there is still no start date.

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ROB ZOMBIE'S 31 Official Trailer (2016) Horror Movie HD