Rob Zombie's 31 - Poster

Complete it the bloodiest work of Rob Zombie (Lords Of Salem, Halloween) without prejudice to the examination of the FSK? Finally, the film is to be appropriately released on Halloween, at best, in theaters on German genre fans with a strong stomach. However, this only works, when the release point is not completely the opposite, the latest battle range of house 1000 Leichen– und The Devil’s Rejects-Machers stellt. In the past, however, whose works were always unscathed on the big screen thereof, only to be then indexed in the home theater later. How it could look like, if Rob Zombie's 31 as scheduled on 27. October 2016 hits in theaters in our region, reveals the official German Teaser-TRAILER with the first taste of the German dubbed version…

31 - A ROB ZOMBIE FILM | Teaser | deutsch/german | from 27. October at Kino!