The nature sometimes brings out things, which we must first ponder awhile. This leech lives in Borneo and is so new, that he is not yet classified. The locals, however, to know him and call him „grosser rotate Egel“. Friends, Now you also know, wieso man(n) should hold in the jungles of Borneo is always closed and sealed his pants. The clip is from „Wonders of the monsoon“, a new series of NBC. Lest mal:

The Giant Red Leech is one of the biggest in the world. The specimen captured on camera was around 30cm long but experts believe they could grow larger.
They have grown so big that they no longer simply suck blood but now actively hunt giant blue worms and suck them down like spaghetti. The worm it is eating is a whopping 78cm.
The new footage shows the leech detecting a worm’s trail and following the scent like a sniffer dog.
When it encounters its prey it quickly latches on and moves its lips up and down the iridescent blue body.
“It was either searching for an end to grab, or was working out whether it was too big to eat” said documentary director Paul Williams.
“When it found an end it started to suck. It was incredible.”

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