Daryl Dixon Fans can the waiting time until the start of 7. Season of „The Walking Dead“ shorten in October. „Ride with Norman Reedus“ is a new documentary series in which we can assist from June Daryl Dixon on the streets of America. See here the Promo-Video and read, what Norman Reedus tells about his series, in the style of an adventure-travel reportage not only Biker-Fans should inspire.

Ride with Norman Reedus:

A howling engine, rough guitar riffs and tough guys - the promo video for the new series of crowd-Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon „The Walking Dead“ lets bikers- hit and fan's heart beat faster! In the likewise produced by AMC non-fiction series Reedus meet cool guys on their motorcycles and takes us on a road trip of a special kind. Initially six episodes were produced, each starts from June 2016 send in another city and Reedus and his respective Bike-Partner on a journey through the American Chopper culture. „I can not remember, that we would have done something, which has been not totally off the hook“, der so „The Walking Dead“-Star usual casual in Video.


The show is not just for motorcycle fanatics, as the 46-year-old now confirmed. Rather, it should go to a trip, shared experiences, lived through the Reedus along with his six associates in six episodes: „They show me their city on motorcycles and we jointly explore other cities. Previously this was a nomadic adventure and really a lot of fun“.

Moreover Reedus let announced, that his show is best with the CNN documentary series „Parts Unknown“ can be compared by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. The traveling namely to different places, in which Eating is first in the foreground. By the time it goes well superficially about the people, he meets, their stories and shared experiences - at Reedus is the food just replaced by motorcycles. The special feature of the series is also, that the episodes are not rotated successively, but between each episode a little break is left: „We wanted a bit of stretch, so we no stress at all these great destinations Travel might have, and a really good time.“ Bike Geeks come of course not too short, because both Reedus and his co-stars will drive many different motorcycles.

Ride with Norman Reedus: Promo video and information about the new series

Even as sexy motorcycle hobbyist he should Blazed on numerous detours with his colleagues series be. That he seems to have a knack for it, also proves his involvement in the construction of its iconic „The Walking Dead“-Choppers. The series seems to Norman Reedus another dream to be come true. In addition to his role in cult „The Walking Dead“ he can now indulge his great passion motorcycle much more extensively: „I have two dream jobs at the same time. I'm waiting on it somehow, that something bad happened. I have too much luck. I'll make it simple and have fun and hope, that it will make the spectators as much fun.“ We hope, that Norman Reedus with all his fortune happens nothing wrong and Daryl us as coolest motorcycle-Warhorses all time remains.